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[Letters] For sustainable growth of children

“Sustainable growth” is placed as the core objective of management strategy for most organizations including enterprises. Many efforts include company activities like continuous technology development and pursuing the value of win-win through alliance or cooperation with members of value network. Various theories that are insisted for sustainable management include the following values; ethics, eco friendliness, flexibility for creativity, change and common benefit of living together.

The concept of sustainable management that includes these values can be applied to education for our children’s creativity. It is a transition of effective thinking that can change the paradigm of education reality, which is only focusing on spreading fragmentary knowledge for short term college entrance. Children must develop in long term perspective and synthetics through sustainable growth education and make their life abundant.

First, education on humanities is urgent. Humanities includes both fundamental learning and basic study. It is a study needed for humans to live a humane life and it provides foundation for imagination and creativity that forms a base for all studies. Moreover, it brings out a standpoint to view the world qualitatively than quantitatively and helps to pursue “values” rather than “knowledge.” The most urgent reason for the absence of communication, inflexible social climate and hardened humanity that our society is confronting is the absence of humanities. The U.S., which is evaluated to have a strong soft power (fields such as culture, politics, economy, and diplomacy), is supporting and cultivating the humanities study by establishing National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). England is doing the same by establishing the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). Even if not on the national level, it is not too difficult to find an individual who succeeded with multidisciplinary refinement in many fields. Carl Celian Icahn, who is the world’s famous expert in hostile M&A and the famous financial investor, George Soros, expressed a deep affection towards the humanities by saying that he would have become a philosopher if he had not worked in the financial industry. This foundational humanities knowledge will be a foothold for our children to build a clear life goal and vision.

Second, teaching how to write based on integrative thinking is vital. Our children are not used to casual relation of complexity, diversity and embracing the general thinking that is not subdivided because they are obsessed with detailed subjects like English. Therefore, children are stuck in mannerism of standardized thinking with lack of creativity. Integrative thinking ability can be improved by comprehensively and creatively analyzing and judging themes and subjects of diverse territories.

Moreover, continuous integrative thinking training can raise an ability to inquire relationship between the entire system and the subordinate system, through this relationship our children can clarify purpose of entering a major under an ultimate goal of life.

The efforts mentioned in the above also correspond to major valuation basis of the current ejaculatory duct system of school entrance and also is a revolutionary measure to change the paradigm of spect.

By Pae Ki-Pyo, CEO of Copetition Consulting Company Limited and Certified Public Accountant of the U.S.Delaware State
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