[Letters] Challenging moment for Y-20 participants

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[Letters] Challenging moment for Y-20 participants

The Finance Ministers’ Meeting at Busan focused on issues that were discussed at the real G-20 and we just repeated them. The more substantial achievement of Y-20 was the addition of agendas that are not covered in the actual G-20.

Issues that have long-term consequences, such as climate change, sustainable development, and human security, found a deserving place in the agenda and reflect the fact that youth leaders not only cared for the nations with decent standards of living but also for the unfortunate for whom the basic necessities of life are a luxury.

Though the delegates had limited experience in dealing with the complicated matters of international politics and negotiations, there was always an eagerness to look into the problem with a fresh perspective, free from any narrow political compulsions.

The concept of working groups made the Leader’s Summit more organized and helped to add a unique flavor to the Y-20 process, as most of the decisions were reached after extensive negotiation, research and debate.

Working group leaders had put in their utmost effort to bring about an agreeable compromise among the nations and worked untiringly to get the draft communique ready for the summit. Meetings with the G-20 spokesperson, consultant and deputy directors were very helpful in clarifying the agendas on the table and learning the general direction the Y-20 has to focus on.

Participating as a delegate was certainly challenging, requiring four months of preparation, research and discussions, yet these were the very factors that made the process enjoyable. Discussing issues with young intellectuals from different countries, seeing the difference in their diplomatic manner and how they place importance on different agenda according to their economic status, and how enthusiastic they feel about the necessity of reform. It was worth every minute spent.

Chakladar Subhojit, Chung Hye-seon, Dubey Hemant and Rahul Raj

from the India team at the Y-20 Summit
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