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The Recipe (all)

Mystery / 105 / Korean

Actress Lee Yo-won, who is known for her role as the wise and charismatic Queen Seondeok in the 2009 MBC drama “The Great Queen Seondeok,” is back as Jang Hye-jin, an ordinary woman whose doenjang jjigae (soybean paste soup) is to die for. Yet Jang is not famous for her recipe and lives a quiet life.

When a murderer on death row requests Jang’s soup as his last meal, television producer Choi Yoo-jin (Ryu Seung-ryong) starts looking for Jang and the recipe. But Choi is not the only one looking for Jang.

Kim Hyun-su (Lee Dong-wook), Jang’s old flame, decides to return to his hometown to look for his first love. At the same time, three people die after eating Jang’s soup. What is the secret behind the soup and how many more people will have to die for it?

Paranormal Activity 2 (12)

Mystery, Horror / 90 / English

In this highly anticipated prequel to “Paranormal Activity,” “Paranormal Activity 2” takes the original concept of using hidden-camera footage to tell the haunting and disturbing story of a family tormented by a strange demon. While similar to the low-budget original in concept - and even characters, as many of the characters from the original make appearances in this prequel - Paranormal Activity 2 should provide enough frights and jump-out-of-your-seat moments to keep things fresh and engaging, especially if you enjoy the occasional scary movie.

Five Days Without Nora

Drama, Comedy / 92 / Spanish

An award-winning Mexican melodrama and comedy, “Five Days Without Nora” starts off on a rather somber note: Nora, the movie’s namesake, commits suicide right before Passover, the Jewish holiday. But before she ends her life, Nora made sure to leave behind detailed instructions for her surviving family members, including her ex-husband, Jose. Because of the religious holiday, Nora’s corpse is kept under dry ice in her home, while Jose - an atheist - and the rest of the family search for truth and attempt to find closure.
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