Mutiny over human rights chairman’s politics

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Mutiny over human rights chairman’s politics

About a third of the National Human Rights Commission of Korea quit yesterday, saying that the chairman, Hyun Byung-chul, was failing to investigate any issue that might embarrass the government.

Sixty-one officials tendered their resignations after finishing a 20-minute news conference at which they demanded the chairman resign immediately.

They released a statement saying, “Since the current chairman was appointed, the commission has been called a ‘zombie organization,’ because he has paralyzed the commission’s functions by his unilateral and pro-government decisions.”

Two standing commissioners, Yoo Nam-young and Moon Kyung-ran, stepped down on Nov. 1 because of similar complaints about Hyun, and another top official, Cho Kuk, a law professor at Seoul National University, left nine days later.

“The officials made this difficult decision to inform people of how serious the situation is at the commission,” said Kim Deok-jin, one of the resigning officials, at the news conference.

“Hyun was too conscious of President Lee Myung-bak, who appointed him, and he refused to express his opinion on politically sensitive issues,” the officials said in their statement. “We can’t expect anything from the commission about human rights issues anymore, since it’s under the control of Hyun and President Lee.”

The officials said Hyun did not allow the commission to deal with politically sensitive issues for the government, such as U.S. beef imports, the government’s illegal surveillance of civilians or the 2009 Yongsan fire, which was caused by a conflict between SWAT officers and residents being evicted for a redevelopment plan.

The independent human rights panel, which was established in late 2001 during then-President Kim Dae-jung’s administration, was formerly considered leftist by conservatives.

Under the law, the commission can raise human rights cases with the Prosecutor General or the Minister of National Defense. The commission also has the right to advise punishment for officials found to have committed illegal violations of human rights.

Hyun has been criticized for lack of experience in human rights since he took over the position in July 2009. Hyun was formerly president of Hanyang Cyber University.

There were about 160 officials in the commission before yesterday’s resignations, which are expected to paralyze the organization.

After the press conference, the officials had planned to visit the chairman, but he refused to meet them.

By Kim Hee-jin []

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