[Letters] “Green business” for our generation

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[Letters] “Green business” for our generation

Korea was the host country of the G-20 Summit in Seoul. It was not only good chance to introduce a well-developed Korea to the world, but also was important to provide a framework for leaders to work together to solve common problems. Some important topics in the summit agenda were not highlighted, but I think the G-20 Summit was successful as a whole.

Among all the key topics discussed in the G-20 Summit, what concerned me most as a student was the statement regarding the creation of “green jobs.” A declaration issued after the G-20 Summit promised to implement structural reforms and to pursue “green growth and innovation-oriented policy measures.”

The declaration also supports the G-20 Business Summit’s recommendation for the leading countries’ biggest enterprises to “generate green growth and jobs.” It called on the G-20 countries “to adopt policies that strike a new balance between incentives and disincentives that indisputably favors green investment.”

As a student, I realize that there is a great need to increase knowledge and develop practical skills for people. Young engineers and technicians need to make sure that power sources come from renewable and other low-carbon energies, and expand and upgrade electrical grids to guarantee priority access for green energy.

Our behavior must now conform to three key principles related to green development as agreed to at the G-20 Summit in Seoul. First, develop behavior to cope with the threat of global climate change - this is an urgent task. Second, reduce behaviors that contribute to the loss of biodiversity in the environment. Third, help the community and society support green-development policies.

The rapid decrease in biodiversity through environmental destruction and a rising ocean as a result of global warming show the seriousness of the problem, especially to the younger generation.

Green development can be a better solution, and young people are encouraged to pursue green business, as well as prepare for “green jobs.” It is exciting to hear Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero declare that the “green economy has unlimited potential; it will create 1 million new jobs related to green development.”

Young people like me are grateful that the G-20 Summit raised our awareness about green development. The policies to invigorate green business and to encourage companies to invest in sustainable development are to ensure our future. Students need to know more about the development of green business because this is where we can potentially find our future jobs.

Agreements are useless without action. We should put it into practice right away. As young students, we in Korea should actively support our country’s leadership in green business development and the creation of green jobs.

Yeo Min-goo, senior at Hanyang University ERICA Campus
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