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[Letters] Bring them to justice

As a U.S. Citizen who, like you, has great compassion for those who suffer at the hands of tyranny, yet harbors great wrath at those who perpetrate it, I feel a need to send encouragement to those of you who feel that the North has gone to far, once again.

If I were a leader of South Korea I would be crying out for justice. I would demand that those who fired upon ordinary people be brought to justice. I would demand their heads in a trial of crimes against humanity. Indiscriminate firing of artillery at civilians is inexcusable.

After such actions by the North, I don’t see why your country should still be sending aid until your demands for justice are met. I don’t see why my country should send them a dang thing either.

From here on out, North Korea should feel the heat of condemnation upon them. They should consider themselves lucky that the base responsible for the attack isn’t blown to bits (I wouldn’t rule it out as an option just yet either).

That swaggering runt Kim Jong-il has got to be given notice. America could take out just about everything that guy has and we wouldn’t need to put one boot on the ground. We could just sit back and wait, devastating whatever they try to throw at us. It would be a bloodbath, but at least it would be theirs.

Mark, Saint Paul, USA
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