Pastor who visited North gets 5 years

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Pastor who visited North gets 5 years


Han Sang-ryol

A local court yesterday handed down a five-year jail sentence to Han Sang-ryol, a South Korean pastor who was indicted on charges of violating the National Security Law for denouncing the government during an illegal trip to North Korea in June last year.

Judge Kim Yong-dae, who presided over the ruling, said Han’s punishment was inevitable.

“Rev. Han visited North Korea when North and South relations were extremely sour following the sinking of the South Korean navy vessel Cheonan,” Kim said. “Knowing that his remarks praising North Korea would be used as propaganda in the North Korean media, he made remarks sympathetic to North Korea and that are divisive for the Republic of Korea. Therefore, he deserves a heavy sentence.”

Considering the military standoff between the two Koreas, and in respect of the National Security Law, there is a limit to freedom of expression as it relates to North Korea, Judge Kim said.

“The ultimate purpose of the law is to realize a just society,” Judge Kim said. “Justice is common sense. There are concerns that Han’s one-sided critiques of the South Korean government, which disregard the suffering North Koreans, could jeopardize the existence and safety of the Republic of Korea.”

As Judge Kim read the verdict, saying he hopes Han will create legitimate unification campaigns in the future, Han raised his hands and shouted, “Long live peaceful unification!”

During his visit in the North for about 70 days, Pastor Han gave a series of speeches praising the North Korean regime and denouncing the Lee Myung-bak administration.

The court also handed down a suspended jail sentence to Han Chung-mok, co-founder of the Korea Alliance for Progressive Movements, who was indicted in August on charges of initiating a protest calling for the demolition of a statue of U.S. Gen. Douglas MacArthur in a park in Incheon.

By Kim Mi-ju, Koo Hui-lyung []

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