Constitutional Court a part of amendment plan

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Constitutional Court a part of amendment plan

President Lee Myung-bak’s desire to amend the Constitution goes beyond ending the one-term presidency, senior political sources told the JoongAng Ilbo yesterday. He also wants a clarification of the conflicting roles of the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court.

“Because there is confusion between the roles of the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court, a constitutional amendment is needed to resolve the issue,” Lee was quoted as saying by a senior political source. Lee had also spoken about this idea during a recent discussion with key Blue House officials, the source said.

A senior Blue House aide confirmed the account. “Lee believes that significant parts of the two courts’ roles overlap and the Constitutional Court has intruded on some functions of the Supreme Court,” he said. “Lee believes it is appropriate to resolve the structural problem of the judiciary, which is like an unnecessary roof on top of another roof, through constitutional amendment.”

During Sunday’s dinner with the top echelon of the Grand National Party, Lee said the Constitution should be revised to reflect current realities, including problems in the judiciary.

Blue House and ruling party officials said Lee was referring to the conflicting roles of the country’s two top courts.

The Constitutional Court was established in 1988 based on the current version of the Constitution, which was amended in 1987 to end the country’s decades of authoritarian rule.

“Lee recently learned from experts that some functions of the Supreme Court were taken away and given to the Constitutional Court in 1987,” another senior Blue House official said.

During a meeting with Prime Minister Kim Hwang-sik and other officials Tuesday, Lee raised the issue of the conflicting roles of the two courts and stressed the need to change the Constitution, sources said. After Kim, a former Supreme Court justice, concurred with Lee, the president continued to push for change, sources said.

The Constitutional Court is supposed to mainly rule on whether laws are constitutional or not. But it has increasingly conflicted with the Supreme Court in broader cases. In 1997, it ruled that the Supreme Court must void a ruling. And in recent years, it has made judgements on a range of political issues, such as the impeachment of former President Roh Moo-hyun, the fate of the Sejong City development plan and media reform laws.

A senior political source said Lee is now building up strategies to convince lawmakers to amend the Constitution. Since he first raised the subject in 2009, the president has based his argument on the need to end the one-term presidency. Analysts and Lee’s aides say the idea is that a single-term presidency has too much power in the first years of his term, and quickly becomes a lame duck in the final years as all parties look forward to the next election campaign. This fuels the aggressive politics Korea is known for, particularly in its legislature, and a change in the Constitution is proposed as a solution to calm that down. Through his aides, Lee also said a constitutional change is needed to align the president’s term with the tenures of lawmakers and local government heads.

By Namkoong Wook, Ser Myo-ja []

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