Senior police official charged with killing mother

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Senior police official charged with killing mother

A high-ranking police official in Daejoen was arrested by police yesterday for allegedly killing his mother. The motive, police believe, was money.

The suspect, surnamed Lee, 40, who heads the violent crime department at the Daejeon Metropolitan Police Agency, is suspected of killing his mother surnamed Yoon, 68, on Jan. 21 at the mother’s apartment in Tanbang-dong, western Daejeon.

Lee had frequently stopped by her home to check in on her, letting himself in. However, on the day of the attack, police say, Lee showed up wearing a motorbike helmet and hiking boots.

Lee covered two nephews living there with a blanket, telling them not to move, and then started kicking his mother, police said. Six of Yoon’s ribs were broken; she died six hours later. Lee left the house about midnight.

According to results of an autopsy from the Scientific, Criminal and Investigation Laboratory, Yoon died of shock from severe internal bleeding in the chest. The time of death is presumed to be 4 or 5 the next morning.

About 30 minutes after he left his mother’s home, Lee, who had his own home, went back to her home and spent the night there, police said. He told police that his mother had called him while he was working overtime but he only heard a groan over the phone. He said when he got to the house, he found his mother’s hands and feet tied up but, because his mother said she was all right, he went to bed without reporting the attack. “Calming her down was the first priority,” Lee told police.

The police began investigating the case based on testimony from the two nephews, who said the suspect was wearing a motorbike helmet. It was unclear why the nephews themselves hadn’t called 119 after the attack.

The investigation found that Lee had purchased a helmet at a nearby motorcycle store a day earlier. But Lee told police he had bought the helmet as a gift for a relative.

After analyzing 1,304 CCTV files from the neighborhood, however, the police pegged Lee as the prime suspect.

“The walking posture in the CCTV files was very much like Lee’s, and the crime scene had four footprints of Lee’s hiking boots,” said Yook Jong-meong, the investigator in charge of the case.

The police suspect Lee committed the crime to get at his mother’s assets because he had lost money from gambling and bad investments. The mother had 700 million won ($628,427) as well as real estate. Lee denied this, saying that “there’s no reason for me to kill my mother.”

By Kim Bang-hyeon []

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