Wounded commando: ‘I don’t mind I’m injured’

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Wounded commando: ‘I don’t mind I’m injured’


Major Ahn Byeong-ju, center, his sons, Jae-hyeok (13) and Jun-hyeok (11) posed inside of the Navy destroyer Choi Young on Dec. 8 before he was deployed to the Cheonghae Naval Unit. Provided by Jeju Ilbo

MUSCAT, Oman - On Tuesday afternoon, some Koreans crowded in a room at The Royal Hospital, Oman, and offered warm wishes and homemade Korean food to three Navy UDT (Underwater Demolition Team) commandos injured during the first skirmish with Somali pirates on Jan. 18.

Major Ahn Byeong-ju, a UDT commando of the Cheonghae Naval Unit, one of the three commandos injured during the skirmish, greeted visitors, though his waist was wrapped in bandages due to gunshot wounds sustained in the battle with pirates.

Ahn was shot three times in his midsection and he still has three bullets in his body. Ahn’s subordinate, Master Sgt. Kim Won-in lay on a bed next to him. Kim also has two bullets in his thigh. The third, Sgt. Kang Joon had the right side of his cheek grazed by a gunshot.

The injuries of the three commandos are not life threatening and they will soon be flown back to Korea for surgery.

Ahn originally refused the JoongAng Ilbo’s interview request, saying he needed permission from superior authorities, but he changed his mind when a reporter showed him copies of the JoongAng Ilbo and the JoongAng Sunday which reported in-depth coverage on the commandos’ victory over the pirates. Ahn grabbed the newspaper in joy and accepted the interview.

Ahn said he wants to thank Korean residents in Oman for bringing them homemade Korean food daily. Residents said they bring boxes of food for commandos because they are concerned that the commandos would not be used to Omani food and spices.

Q. You sustained an injury in the first rescue operation.

A. I don’t mind that I got injured. I’m a soldier who fights for the country and its people, and I already have delegated my life to my fatherland.

How’s your condition?

According to doctors here, all three of us would have died instantly if bullets hit 1-2 centimeters away from the wounded spots. We’ll be okay if we can get rid of the bullets [in our bodies].

Are you getting surgery in Korea after you’re discharged from the Omani hospital?

When my country orders me to discharge from the hospital, I will. And when my country orders me to fight again after I am discharged from here, I will fight. As a soldier, I have already overcome fear of death.

UDT/Seal commandos have become heroes in Korea...

I heard the UDT commandos’ operation made headlines, but the operation was successful thanks to the efforts by 300 sailors of the Navy destroyer Choi Young and other countries that assisted in the operation. I want to give the credit to everyone who took a part in this operation.

By Nam Hyeong-seok [mijukim@joongang.co.kr]

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