Australia and Korea fete 50 years of ties and friendship

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Australia and Korea fete 50 years of ties and friendship


Australian Ambassador Sam Gerovich shakes hands with actor Park Keun-hyong on Wednesday at the Grand Hyatt Seoul to celebrate 50 years of diplomatic ties between Australia and Korea. From left to right, comedian Sam Hammington, actress Kong Hyo-jin, Park, the ambassador and soprano Go Mi-hyeon. By Jeon Min-gyu

The Australian Embassy in Seoul celebrated the 50th anniversary of a diplomatic relationship between Australia and Korea, dubbed the “Australia-Korea Year of Friendship,” at the Grand Hyatt Seoul on Wednesday, with roughly 2,000 participants including high-profile government officials, celebrities, and foreign officials.

In a congratulatory speech, Australian Ambassador Sam Gerovich described the Year of Friendship and his desire to deepen ties with Korea in the future.

“In March 2009, when President Lee Myung-bak last visited Australia, the Australian and Korean Governments agreed to mark this milestone by designating 2011 as the ‘Australia-Korea Year of Friendship,’ ” the ambassador said.

“The Year of Friendship is aimed to underline the achievements of diplomatic ties between Korea and Australia, and increase public awareness of the bilateral relationship over the past 50 years.”

The ambassador said the official diplomatic ties were established in 1961, but the first interaction between the two countries started in 1889 when Australian missionaries paid a visit to Busan and Masan, South Gyeongsang. During the 1950-1953 Korean War, 17,164 Australian soldiers were dispatched and 339 died in Korea; 281 are buried in the U.N. Memorial Park in Busan.

“Over the past 50 years, Australia and Korea have built a close and firmly-based partnership,” he said. “Korea is, for example, Australia’s third-largest merchandise export market, with our two larger markets, China and Japan, having much larger populations. Korea is also the third largest source of international students in Australia behind only China and India. Around 35,000 Korean students studied in Australia last year. Korean tourists are also very important to the Australian economy.

“We also share with Korea a broad range of common security and diplomatic interests and challenges,” he continued. “We have a vested national stake in continuing peace and stability of the region, including here on the Korean Peninsula.”

After the ambassador’s speech, the National Assembly Speaker Park Hee-tae and First Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Mo Chul-min delivered speeches. Korean actor Park Keun-hyong and actress Kong Hyo-jin were officially appointed as Australian Goodwill Ambassadors.

Starting with a performance by “Consonant Ensemble,” a group comprised of four female Korean migrants who flew in from Sydney, a variety of performances entertained the attendees.

David Palmer, chairman of the Australia-Korea Foundation, expressed his hope for enhanced trade with Korea in the beef market.

“Australian beef is very important to the Korean economy,” he said. “We think Australian beef adds a complementary role to help provide a critical mass of beef protein to 45 million Korean consumers.”

At a press conference held at the Plaza Hotel, central Seoul, on Jan.19, the Australian ambassador said he hoped the Australian and Korean governments will sign a Free Trade Agreement within this year.

“Although some sensitive issues still remain in the agriculture sector, I hope bilateral relations in trade will be developed by signing a Free Trade Agreement,” the ambassador said.

When it comes to cooperation with Korea in green energy policies, the embassy said research centers in Australia and Korea that study carbon capture and sequestration projects are expected to work together at the academic level.

Australian climate change activist and paleontologist Tim Flannery will visit Seoul to talk about environmental issues this year.

The embassy also said that two Australian Nobel Prize winners, Peter Charles Doherty and Barry James Marshall, will visit Korea this year to give talks.

The embassy has started a Web site ( to publicize events related to the Year of Friendship and also has an application for iPhone users.

*Interns Joni Sham and Philip Chan contributed to this report.

By Kim Hee-jin []

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