Officer plotted attack on mother

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Officer plotted attack on mother

The senior police official who was charged Saturday with killing his mother, confessed yesterday that he had plotted the attack and intentionally dropped a bowling ball on her back three times in order to injure her and receive insurance money to pay back his mother’s debts.

But despite planning the attack, he told police, he didn’t mean to kill her.

The high-ranking policeman surnamed Lee, who led the violent crime department at the Daejeon Metropolitan Police Agency, admitted yesterday that he “suggested the crime to his mother to receive accident insurance money in an aim to pay about 20 million won ($17,953) for debt that his mother lost in stock trading,” according to the Dunsan Police Station in Daejeon.

Lee gave the following version of the attack to police: Lee told his mother, surnamed Yoon, 68, to take sleeping pills at about 9 p.m. on Jan. 21. He then left her apartment in Tanbang-dong, western Daejeon. At 11:27 p.m., assuming that Yoon was sleeping, Lee disguised himself with a motorcycle helmet, which he bought a day earlier, and pretended to break into the apartment, bringing along adhesive tape and a bowling ball.

Lee, after checking that Yoon was sleeping, moved her body with her chest down and dropped the bowling ball onto her back three times. After that, he tied her body loosely with the tape and broke some bottles to make it seem like an intruder had broken in.

But sometime after the attack, his mother died of shock from severe internal bleeding in the chest. Lee finally called police after about five hours.

“Lee had said at the first interrogation that it was his mother who suggested the plot, saying they would get paid about 50 million won if she had a serious spinal cord injury,” police said. “But Lee changed his remarks at the next interrogation, when he said he organized the attack.”

Lee insisted to police that he didn’t mean to kill Yoon and just intended to injure her, but police doubt the statement because he didn’t take Yoon to the hospital after the attack.

And the money problems had them wondering as well.

“It seems true that Lee’s mother had lost about 20 million won in stock trading and she had been contacted by creditors,” police said. “Although Lee paid back some of her debts, he also has been chased by her creditors.”

But police found that Lee also lost his money in stock trading, about 40 million won, and he might have targeted the insurance money by killing her to repay his debt.

Police said the investigation will focus on whether Lee plotted the crime with his mother and on the amount of Lee’s debts.

By Kim Hee-jin []

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