[Letter] Praying for Captain Seok’s survival

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[Letter] Praying for Captain Seok’s survival

I was an Army soldier and spent 13 months in Korea (1958-1959), fifty plus miles north of Seoul with a Cavalry Unit. I enjoyed my deployment to your country and enjoyed your food and customs.

I am currently a retired Police Chief of Detectives and employed as a Master Instructor with the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. I am friends with and correspond on a regular basis with a retired U.S. Air Force member who is married to a Korean lady and living in Seoul. That’s the way I keep up on what is happening in Korea.

I recently read a column written by Kim Jin in reference to the skipper of the ship, Samho Jewelry, in which Captain Seok was seriously wounded and is in critical condition upon being rescued and admitted to the hospital.

I would like to thank Kim for his professionally written article about the Captain and its crew returned after being taken hostage by Somali Pirates. Certainly the police investigation needs more than just a “he said, she said” to convict the shooter.

Even a written statement is admissible, conducted under proper law, but good solid physical evidence is needed to put the shooter away.

Co-conspirator saying that another one of them shot the Captain is not enough. But I think a good interrogator can get to the truth of the matter.

It is my prayer that the Captain survives his injuries and returns to health with a short recovery time. And also my prayer that the family and loved ones are given the strength to help the Captain be victorious over his injuries.

Lance M. Burris, a master instructor with the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in the U.S.

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