Councilor quits DLP after outburst

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Councilor quits DLP after outburst

Lee Sook-jung, a Seongnam City Council member who embarrassed her political party, the Democratic Labor Party, by allegedly harassing a government employee, said she would resign from the party, the DLP said Monday.

“It is a case that should never have happened to someone in a public position,” said Wu Wi-yeong, a DLP spokesman, announcing Lee’s departure, adding that “the public deserves an apology.”

Lee, 35, came under strong public criticism after an MBC report was aired showing she engaging in violent actions against a 23-year-old female employee at a residence center in Seongnam, Gyeonggi on Jan. 27 because the employee did not recognize her name in a phone conversation. The police opened an investigation on Monday after receiving a complaint from the employee on Jan. 31.

The minor progressive party has been concerned that the incident would harm its reputation as being morally superior to the conservative parties and has tried to quell the controversy.

The spokesman said it also is reasonable for Lee to resign from her city council member post.

The Seongnam City Council said Monday that it would hold Lee responsible for the incident. It will bring the case to its ethics committee.

By Moon Gwang-lip []

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