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JYP faces plagiarism again


Producer-singer Park Jin-young has refuted yet another plagiarism charge. Park is the head of JYP Entertainment, which manages major acts such as the Wonder Girls, 2PM and 2AM.

The allegation was made on Feb. 10 by songwriter Kim Sin-il, who claimed that the song, “Someday,” written by Park and sung by IU, is similar to his song “To My Man,” which was released in 2005 and sung by female soloist Ash. His lawyer filed suit against Park that day.

Park refuted the charge in a press release on Monday, saying that the song is in a “money chord,” or a chord commonly used in songs.

But in an interview with the Joongang Ilbo on Monday, Kim said that it is not the money chords that are the problem, but the complicated jazz chords that are almost identical in both songs.

Kim said he had asked professional musicians to give their opinions on the matter, and they responded that a majority of the song is similar or identical to “To My Man.”

Park has stood firm on the issue, saying that Kim’s music is also similar to many foreign songs, including Kirk Franklin’s “Hosanna” (2002) and Tamia’s “Officially Missing You” (2004), raising questions about whether Kim plagiarized those songs.

Park has previously faced multiple accusations of plagiarism with songs such as, “What is Dance,” sung by Ryang-Hyun Ryang-Ha, and “2DT,” sung by the Wonder Girls, but this is the first time he is facing legal action.

By Hannah Kim Contributing writer

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