SNU confirms plagiarism for ‘Queen Seondeok’ drama

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SNU confirms plagiarism for ‘Queen Seondeok’ drama


The popular MBC drama “Queen Seondeok,” which completed its run in 2009, is facing a fresh round of plagiarism allegations.

According to the Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office on Tuesday, the Seoul National University Center for Law and Technology confirmed that the television drama plagiarized the script of the musical, “Queen of Mugunghwa, Seondeok.”

The musical was written in 2005 by Kim Ji-young, a representative of Great Works Ltd., a culture contents company. The court asked the SNU Center for Law & Technology to investigate whether Kim’s script had been plagiarized when she filed suit against MBC and two screenplay writers for 200 million won ($179,000) in January 2010.

The center said that there are numerous similarities between the two works, including a rivalry between the two main female characters, Seondeok and Misil; a romance between Deokman (Queen Seondeok’s name before becoming a queen) and Gen. Kim Yu-shin; and the story of the young Deokman wandering through a desert.

The prosecutors’ office says it will take the SNU center’s assessment as evidence for the trial.

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