Snow causes market roof to collapse

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Snow causes market roof to collapse


The plastic roof of a traditional market in Samcheok, Gangwon, collapsed yesterday afternoon, unable to withstand the weight of snow that had accumulated on top, injuring seven people - six with minor injuries and one with a fractured leg. [NEWSIS]

The plastic roof of a traditional market in the northeastern coastal city of Samcheok, Gangwon, collapsed yesterday afternoon because heavy snowfall - 174 centimeters (70 inches) - fell continuously on the city for four days. Seven people were injured in the accident.

An initial media report of one death turned out to be incorrect, according to a city official at the site.

Of those injured, one had a leg fracture and the rest sustained minor injuries, said an official. Two of the victims were treated at the scene and four were treated at the hospital and released. All seven victims are women who had gone out grocery shopping for the first time since the end of the four-day snow barrage on Monday.

Seventy military personnel from a nearby camp, along with police officers and rescuers, were deployed to the scene.

The plastic roof, 7 meters wide and 40 meters long, failed to withstand the weight of snow and collapsed at about 2:30 p.m. Samcheok evacuated about 200 vendors and closed the market.

The east coast of Korea has seen its most snow in a century, isolating hundreds in remote villages, devastating farms and temporarily closing schools.

By Yim Seung-hye []

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16일 오후 2시 30분경 강원도 삼척시 남양동 중앙시장 내 중앙통로 지붕이 눈 무게를 이기지 못하고 한 쪽으로 무너져 주민 9명이 매몰됐다 구조됐다.

이 사고로 이모씨(55, 여)가 다리골절 등 중상, 조모씨(35)가 머리 근처가 찢어지는 경상을 입고 삼척병원으로 이송됐다. 또 5명이 경미한 타박상을 입고 삼척의료원으로 이송됐다. 이중 4명은 퇴원했고, 1명만 입원중이다.

사고로 무너진 중앙통로 아치형 지붕은 길이 40m, 너비 7m 의 아크릴 재질로, 손이 닿지 않는 부분에 눈이 많이 쌓여 있었던 것으로 전해졌다.

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