Kim Yu-na returns to competitive skating

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Kim Yu-na returns to competitive skating


Kim Yu-na, center, during the medal ceremony with silver medalist Mao Asada, right, and bronze medalist Joannie Rochette. [YONHAP]

With the 2011 ISU World Figure Skating Championships in Tokyo just a month away, Korean figure skating star Kim Yu-na is preparing for tough competition from Japanese rivals Miki Ando and Mao Asada.

"The 21-year-old won a gold medal at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games with a record-setting performance and last competed at the 2010 Turin World Championships, placing second behind Asada.

The world championships will take place at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium between March 21 and 27."

While Kim will face the struggle of simply returning to competition after a year-long absence from competitive skating, Ando is having the best season of her career. Asada, meanwhile, has been putting in better performances after a sluggish start to the season.

But the biggest challenge for Kim will be executing her new routine, which she has been working on with new coach Peter Oppegard.

Kim split with her former coach Brian Orser last August and has been training with Oppegard in Los Angeles since October. David Wilson, Kim’s choreographer, remained with Kim after her split with Orser.

“I did not compete in any ISU Grand Prix events this season, but by appearing in ice shows, I’m not overly concerned about my routine,” Kim said. “If I prepare well, I fully expect good results.”

Kim announced in December of last year that her new routine will include a short program to the theme from “Giselle,” a classical ballet, and the free skate portion of competition will be set to a compilation of traditional Korean music, including the well-known folk song “Arirang.”

The Japanese skaters, Ando in particular, have adjusted well to the new ISU judging system, which rewards more points to skaters for difficult jump sequences. At the 2011 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships in Taipei, Taiwan, from Feb. 15-20, Ando set a personal best and placed first with a combined score of 201.34, while Asada placed second with 196.30.

Ando placed first in two ISU Grand Prix events this season, the Cup of China and the Cup of Russia, and placed fifth overall at the ISU Grand Prix Final in Beijing, China. She also added a gold at the Japanese National Championships in December. Having tweaked her routine this season, Ando is in fine form and has won four of the five competitions she entered.

Asada, on the other hand, is looking a lot like the Asada of last year, when she struggled early and found herself later on. She struggled at the start of the season before winning the 2010 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships and managed to earn a silver medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Asada has yet to perfect her triple axel jump in her routine this season.

By Jason Kim, On Nu-ri []

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최근 끝난 ISU 4대륙대회를 보면, 김연아에게 거는 기대는 더욱 커진다. 지난해 4대륙대회와 세계선수권대회 우승자인 아사다는 최종합계 196.30점을 받아 안도 미키(일본·201.34점)에 이어 2위를 차지했다. 점수는 190점대를 훌쩍 넘어섰지만, 실제 경기력은 그에 못 미쳤다. 쇼트프로그램에서는 그가 '필살기'로 내세우는 트리플 악셀(공중 3회전 반)에서 감점을 당해 3.71점밖에 얻지 못했다. 프리프로그램에서도 트리플 러츠에서 잘못된 에지를 사용해 0.5점을 감점당했고, 더블악셀-트리플 토루프·트리플 플립-더블루프-더블루프 연속 점프에서는 회전수 부족으로 점수가 깎였다. 마지막 스핀에서는 최하등급인 레벨1을 받기도 했다.
우승자 안도 미키 역시 200점을 돌파하며 자신의 역대 최고점(2007년 세계선수권대회·195.09점)을 넘어섰지만, 실제 기량은 점수에 못미쳤다. 피겨 전문가들은 "이번 대회는 전체적으로 점수가 너무 후한 느낌"이라고 설명했다.
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