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Liven up your family photos


Homemaker Baek Su-mi turned to Face Factory for individual paintings of herself, her husband and their two daughters to replace family photos that hung on the family’s walls for years. By Kwon Hyuk-jae

Baek Su-mi was tired of the classic, old-fashioned-looking family portraits that have long hung on her living room walls.

To spice things up, the 40-year-old homemaker pulled down the old photos and replaced them with pop artist Roy Lichtenstein-inspired portraits. Lichtenstein (1923-1997) was a prominent American pop artist along the lines of Andy Warhol.

Baek said the handmade portraits of herself, her husband and their two daughters have been an innovative way to reinvigorate the home’s interior and modernize its atmosphere - a renewal of sorts.

She turned to Face Factory, a photo studio that specializes in portraits. The images come in various styles, from oil paintings, acrylics and watercolor, to Conte paintings.

The best part, say its clients, is that each portrait is handmade. There is no Photoshop involved, so each piece is instilled with a life of its own.

The Baek family chose acrylics to adopt a pop art approach.

“It’s amazing how the portraits depicted each of our characters so well,” said Baek.

Face Factory begins with a simple headshot of each family member. But instead of inviting the family into a studio, Face Factory asks each family member to submit a photograph depicting strong facial expressions. The company said this saves time and gives its artists boundaries and guidelines to work with when they get to work creating the portraits.

“Since we are living in an era where people are persistently looking for new ways to commemorate their special moments, an increasing number of people resort to a sophisticated form of handmade portraits,” said Kim Hong-rok, the CEO of the company.


Woo Seok-jin, author of “Photoshop Photo Techniques 77,” turned his daughter’s photo into an Andy Warhol-inspired portrait. [JoongAng Ilbo]

Suitable photos for pop-art portraits

Face Factory suggests meticulous planning - after all, these portraits will occupy prime space in your home for years to come. Taking photos without considering all the details will only result in frustration and disappointment.

First, before the taking out the camera, you should take into consideration the background, facial expression and composition of the portrait.

If you decide to go the more economical route by creating a pop-art portrait with Photoshop or any other photo manipulation software, give extra attention to the lighting before pressing the shutter button. Position yourself close to a soft light to create modest shadows. The background should be as neutral as possible; you don’t want distractions from the subject of the image.

Finally, tilting your face slightly to the left or right creates a friendlier, less “in your face” feeling.

Brush or mouse?

There are many different ways to bring your photos to life. ArtnArt, an enterprise that specializes in canvas art, transforms portraits using Giclee Print techniques. The company’s artists will begin by printing a canvas-size photo, at which point another artist takes over with oil-based paints.

What differentiates ArtnArt is that its artists remain faithful to the lines of the face, while taking liberties with color, depth and texture. The result is often striking.

If customers are looking for a minimalist approach, ArtnArt offers a simple computer-based retouch service.

Another company, Soda Gallery, said professional artists are involved in every step of production.

“Painters who majored in the arts are in charge of the entire procedure, even the retouching service,” said Kim Je-san, Soda Gallery CEO.

“These aren’t your typical family photographs. When you hang our photos on your wall, they come alive,” added Kim.

The companies’ prices range according to the number of hours spent on a project and print size.

A 40-by-40-centimeter print costs about 200,000 won ($177) at Face Factory, 150,000 won at ArtnArt and 100,000 won at Soda Gallery.

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By Lee Ji-yong []

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붓이냐, 마우스냐

사진을 더 적극적으로 활용하는 방법도 있다. 캔버스아트 전문업체 아트앤아트에서는 ‘지클레이 프린트(Giclee Print)’ 방식으로 초상화를 만들어준다. 얼굴 사진을 캔버스 위에 인쇄한 뒤 그 위에 화가가 유화 물감을 덧칠해 완성하는 그림이다. 그림의 틀은 사진 그대로지만, 유화 특유의 질감이 살아 있어 사진과는 전혀 다른 작품이 된다.

이보다 더 간단한 방법은 컴퓨터로 사진 파일을 ‘리터칭(보정)’하는 것이다. 사진 리터칭 업체 소다갤러리 김재산 대표는 “미술을 전공한 화가들이 일일이 펜마우스로 리터칭 작업을 한다”며 “이렇게 만든 유화를 인쇄해 걸어두면 분명 평면인데도 입체인 듯 보인다”고 말했다. 제품 가격은 화가의 손이 많이 갈수록 비싸다. 가로·세로 각각 40㎝ 정도 크기일 경우 페이스팩토리의 유화는 20만원 선. 아트앤아트의 지클레이 유화는 15만원, 소다갤러리의 리터칭 유화는 10만원 정도다.

전문업체의 손을 빌리지 않고 직접 사진을 그림처럼 바꾸는 것도 그리 어렵지 않다. 포토샵 프로그램의 ‘필터(Filter)’ 기능을 이용하면 유화·수채화·파스텔화 등으로 한번에 변신한다. 팝아트 초상화를 만드는 작업도 간단하다. 『포토샵 사진기술 77』(교학사)의 저자 우석진(39)씨는 “앤디 워홀이 쓴 실크스크린 기법의 원리를 그대로 활용하면 된다”고 설명했다.

작업의 첫 단계는 포토샵 메뉴 중 ‘Image →Adjustments→Threshold’로 들어가 ‘레벨(Level)’ 수치를 조정해 원본 사진의 음영을 분리하는 것이다. 사진의 어두운 곳은 검은색, 밝은 곳은 흰색으로 단순화시키는 과정이다.

두 번째 단계는 첫 번째 단계를 거쳐 만들어진 이미지의 흰색 부분을 ‘지우개(Magic Eraser)’로 지우고, 검은색 부분엔 ‘색깔 덮어씌우기(Color Overlay)’ 기능을 이용해 원하는 색을 입히는 과정. 세 번째 단계는 바탕색을 만드는 작업이다. 새 ‘레이어(Layer)’를 따로 만들어 원하는 색을 칠한 뒤 두 번째 단계 작업까지 마친 사진 파일과 겹쳐놓으면 된다.

이렇게 만든 팝아트 초상화는 액자보다 패널로 만드는 게 더 현대적인 느낌을 준다.

가족사진, 그림으로 만들고 싶으면

화가가 직접 그리는 방식 페이스팩토리( 선물그림( 더 포트레이트 컴퍼니(

사진 인쇄→유화 덧칠 아트앤아트(

사진 리터칭 초상화 소다갤러리( 멀티스튜디오( 리메이크포토(

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