Doctor is charged in death of wife

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Doctor is charged in death of wife

The police have arrested a doctor suspected of killing his eight-month pregnant wife in Seoul yesterday after the court finally approved issuing an arrest warrant after rejecting a request for one earlier this month.

“Considering the seriousness of the crime and the considerable amount of evidence, there is a high possibility of the suspect’s flight and destruction of evidence,” the Seoul Western District Court said in issuing the warrant for the suspect, surnamed Baek, 32.

According to police, Baek, who works as an intern at one of the nation’s top hospitals, is suspected of strangling his 29-year-old wife in a bathroom at their home on Jan. 14. The fetus is also dead.

After submitting a second supplementary forensic report by the National Forensic Service, police were granted the arrest warrant. Forensic pathologists found that the victim could have been strangled even without marks on her neck and that bloodstains on her face ran in a direction opposite to gravitational pull, which serve as evidence of homicide.

Forensic pathologists said they found Baek’s DNA under the woman’s bloodstained fingernails.

Baek has denied any guilt. He also said his wife could have sustained her wounds from slipping in the bathtub.

Baek failed a recent polygraph test, though such evidence is inadmissible in court. Police checked 120 footage from CCTVs around the neighborhood and said they showed there were no suspicious outsiders entering the building at the time of the woman’s death. Baek has suggested the possibility of an intruder breaking into their home and killing her.

By Yim Seung-hye []

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