DP vows to expel Lee Sook-jung in new council vote

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DP vows to expel Lee Sook-jung in new council vote

Opposition Democratic Party lawmakers in Seongnam City told the JoongAng Ilbo that they are working to arrange another vote to determine the fate of fellow city council member Lee Sook-jung.

The move comes after Lee survived a previous attempt by the Seongnam City Council to strip her of council membership. The DP has been under fire for failing to punish Lee for abusing a government employee.

“We will try to hold an extra [council] session sometime in March and will work to get a resolution requiring Lee’s expulsion to be resubmitted,” said Ji Kwan-geun, vice president of the Seongnam Council and a DP member.

“Council members from the Democratic Party will meet this week to discuss measures,” adds Park Jong-chul, another DP-affiliated Seongnam Council member.

Lee, 35, came under public criticism after an MBC report was aired that showed her abusing a 23-year-old female employee at a residence center in Seongnam. The abuse allegedly occurred because the employee did not recognize Lee’s name in a phone conversation.

While lawmakers frequently get away with similar abuses, Lee faced severe criticism because of her affiliation with the Democratic Labor Party ? a minor, progressive party that is considered ethically superior to conservative parties.

After the incident, Lee gave up her party membership at the request of the embarrassed DLP leadership, but has kept her council post.

Last Friday, the city council voted on a resolution to strip Lee of her council post. Twenty council members voted in favor of the resolution, three short of the necessary votes to expel Lee. Seven voted against the resolution and six abstained from voting. In order for Lee to lose her post, two-thirds of the council’s quorum, or 23 out of 34 members, had to vote for the resolution.

“The rejection of the resolution was due to the DP’s objection to it, and that created a negative pubic sentiment about the DP in Seongnam,” said an official of the DP. Some DP members were known to have been reluctant to join the ruling Grand National Party in attacking Lee, formerly from a fellow opposition party. The council is comprised of 18 GNP members, 15 DP members and an independent.

The DP official said the party is also concerned that the DP’s role in voting down the resolution will negatively affect its campaign for the by-elections slated for April 27.

By Chae Byung-geon, Moon Gwang-lip [joe@joongang.co.kr]

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