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For moms, online help for kids and college


Members of the online community Gukjain, most of whom are mothers with children preparing for the College Scholastic Ability Test, exchange information on the complicated university admissions system on Feb. 18 at the community’s office in Daechi-dong, southern Seoul. Lee Mi-ae, second from left, who founded the group, said she wants to help mothers who lack information on university admissions so they won’t have to depend on expensive private institutes. By Byun Sun-goo

For Lee Hyeong-suk, a 44-year-old mother in Iksan, North Jeolla, it took three hours to get to Seocho-dong, southern Seoul.

Once she got off the bus, she headed to an office in Daechi-dong to participate in an orientation session about university admission policies.

But she gladly endured her long journey in hopes of getting useful information for her 18-year-old son, who will take the College Scholastic Ability Test this year.

Lee is a member of the online community Gukjain, where members, most of whom are mothers, can exchange information not only about university admission but also overseas internship programs or language courses.

“In the suburbs, mothers lack information on university admissions and the quality of the internship programs or language courses are is poor,” Lee said. “Because I was so worried, I joined Gukjain last summer.”

The group holds monthly orientations and presentations on the latest university admission policies at the office in Daechi-dong, called Gukhwa, where Lee meets other members in Seoul and exchanges information with them. Members who want to participate in these sessions pay 20,000 won ($17) for each one.

In the online community, when a member posts a question, other members, who act as mentors, go to work investigating the matter and find the answers.

“I am always worried about my children’s university admission, but now I don’t need any professional consultants, thanks to Gukjain,” said Kim Ji-yeon, another 44-year-old mother.

Lee Mi-ae, 49, said she founded Gukjain in 2009 with five other mothers in an effort to provide mentoring for mothers by offering stories of their own experiences with trial and error.

“Korean parents have a strong zeal for educating their children, but most of them are easily lured by expensive private institutes or education consultants that say they have all the information,” Lee said. “I believed that if all mothers shared information with each other, they would not be targeted by private institutes or consultants.”

Lee said Gukjain helps mothers in various ways: launching study groups for mothers whose children are preparing for university admission; offering mentoring programs in which mothers whose children are entering universities give advice to other mothers via online or in person meetings; inviting a professional consultant to the office to provide tips on university admission; holding a mock UN meeting for middle and high school students.

According to Gukjain, the number of admission policies for universities nationwide exceeds 3,600. And the new admissions officer system, which allows universities to select students based on their extracurricular activities or language ability, is also confusing to many prospective applicants.

Furthermore, the Education Ministry launched a new subject called “creative experience” in the curriculum of all elementary, middle and high schools, which focuses on exposing students to diverse extracurricular activities and giving them opportunities for volunteer experience.

Private institutes and consultants charge students and their families millions of won for their advice on education. One education consultant, for example, offered a program to help students prepare for the “creative experience” class at a cost of 700,000 won.

“If a mother doesn’t know anything about the admission system and follows what private institutes or education consultants say, it can be a problem,” Lee said. “The person who knows a child is their mother. She should study the university admission system with her children and share the information she found with other mothers, to increase her knowledge.”

Some members are even becoming more knowledgeable than professional education consultants, the founder said, at finding free extracurricular programs for students, which are better than the expensive private courses that education consultants are selling.

“We found some of the same programs that consultants are promoting with expensive prices are conducted in universities for free,” said Choe Seon-yeong, a 44-year-old member.

Asked why she didn’t make money by opening her own education consultancy, Lee, the Gukjain founder said, “I ran my own consultancy for a year after my son entered university, but I couldn’t bear to take money from parents who have children like me.”

Lee said she hasn’t received any funds from private institutes.

“An owner of a popular private institute suggested to me that he wants to launch a banner advertising the institute on our homepage, but I rejected it,” Lee said. “The Gukjain community is where mothers share information on their own, not where private institutes advertise themselves.”

The Web site of Gukjain is

By Park Su-ryon []

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