Letters by Jang describe sex with 31 ‘devil’ VIPs

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Letters by Jang describe sex with 31 ‘devil’ VIPs


Jang Ja-yeon

Actress Jang Ja-yeon, who hanged herself in 2009, sent 50 handwritten letters to a friend detailing the names and professions of 31 prominent men she was forced to have sex with, according to a report by local broadcaster SBS on Sunday.

Yesterday, the police said it would investigate the friend, surnamed Jeon, who gave up the letters.

The case, which revealed an ugly side of Korea’s entertainment industry and enraged the public, surfaced again when SBS reported Sunday that it had obtained the 50 letters, consisting of 230 pages, that Jang wrote to Jeon, who was serving prison time for a crime police wouldn’t describe. They describe how she was forced by her former agent, Kim Sung-hoon, to entertain 31 VIPs, including a number of media, entertainment agency and business executives, over 100 times. She served drinks and provided sex.

Yesterday was the second anniversary of Jang’s suicide.

Jang had kept other records of the VIPs with the help of Yoo Jang-ho, the head of her talent agency, and a suicide note she left behind also made allegations about the VIPs she was forced to entertain. But police only arrested Kim and Yoo, saying they had no evidence against the 31 VIPs. Kim and Yoo were convicted of various offenses - defamation for Yoo and assault and embezzlement for Kim - and each received two-year suspended jail sentences and 160 hours of community service.

The 50 letters obtained by SBS were different from the records the police previously investigated.

Jang, who was 27 when she died, was starring in a hit television series “Boys Over Flowers,” in which she played one of a trio of mean girls who picked on the lead female character played by Ku Hye-sun. Jang hanged herself at her home in Bundang, Gyeonggi, on March 7, 2009.

According to SBS, a handwriting analyst confirmed that the letters were written by Jang. Bundang Police asked the broadcaster to hand over the letters for further investigation.

According to the SBS report, Jang wrote the full names and professions of the 31 people who she was allegedly forced to have sex with. She described them as “devils” in letters.

“Whenever I was asked to change into a new dress, it indicated that I was meeting another devil,” Jang wrote. “I served drinks, entertained them in karaokes and room salons in Gangnam and even in Suwon.”

In the letters, Jang pleaded with her friend to help her get revenge.

By Kim Mi-ju [mijukim@joongang.co.kr]

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“31명에게 100번 넘게 성상납·술접대…내가 죽더라도 악마들 복수해 달라”

2009년 3월 스스로 목숨을 끊은 탤런트 고 장자연씨가 지인에게 “31명에게 성상납과 술접대를 강요당했다”는 내용의 편지를 남겼다고 SBS가 6일 보도했다.

보도에 따르면 장씨는 2005년부터 죽기 직전까지 ‘눈꽃-설화’라는 필명으로 50여 통의 편지를 보냈다는 것이다.

이 편지엔 기획사와 전속계약을 맺은 2007년 10월 이후 술접대와 성상납을 강요받았다는 내용이 수차례 등장하는 것으로 나타났다. 장씨는 편지에서 자신이 접대한 상대가 31명이며 이들의 직업은 연예기획사와 제작사 관계자뿐 아니라 대기업·금융기관·언론사 관계자라고 열거했다.

장씨는 또 “100번 넘게 접대에 끌려 나갔다”고 밝혔으며 접대를 받으러 나온 남성들을 ‘악마’라고 묘사하기도 했다. 이 밖에 “(성상납 등의) 명단을 만들어 놨으니 내가 죽더라도 복수해 달라”는 내용도 들어 있다.

장씨의 편지가 뒤늦게 드러남에 따라 경찰의 수사가 제대로 됐는지를 놓고 논란이 일 전망이다.

경찰은 장씨의 자살 이후 성접대 등에 대해 4개월여 수사를 벌였으며, 장씨의 소속사 전 대표와 전 매니저를 불구속하는 선에서 수사를 마무리했다.

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