Postman who died in stairway had been beaten

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Postman who died in stairway had been beaten

Police investigating the death of a postman said the man in fact didn’t die accidentally by slipping on stairs in an apartment building in Incheon but died due to excessive loss of blood after being beaten to death with a blunt weapon, according to autopsy results by National Forensic Service.

After examining CCTV records, police found a 170 centimeter (5-foot-5) tall man in a mask captured on CCTV video. Police said the man was following Kim two hours before his death.

“It is highly likely that the man [in the mask] is related to Kim’s death and we’re looking for him,” said an investigator at the Namdong Police Station in Incheon. “But we haven’t found fingerprints or footprints.”

Police have studied 685 CCTV cameras installed in the area of the attack since Sunday to narrow down the suspected killer.

The 30-year-old postman, Kim Yeong-gil, was found dead on stairs between the 16th and 17th floor of the apartment building at 7:48 a.m. on March 3.

Police at that time believed the man died after falling from missing his footing and hitting his head while in a rush to deliver mail on schedule. They say the forensic results were not available at the time.

The death of Kim was mourned by his fellow postmen and the public, which prompted Economy Minister Choi Joong-kyung to promise that his government agency would enhance the working conditions of postal workers.

His death invited criticism from those who argued that Korea Post workers suffer from pressure due to their heavy workload and that was what actually caused Kim’s death.

Investigators are looking into whether Kim took out a large loan from a loan shark.

Police are questioning Kim’s family, friends and colleagues over whether he showed any signs of anxiety over the debt and whether he was pressed to pay the debt.

Police, however, said they are open to other possibilities that were the cause of his death.

Investigators are also examining Kim’s cell phone records to find the suspected killer.

Kim, who was unmarried, had been looking after his mother with diabetes and his sister, after his father passed away seven years ago.

By Kim Mi-ju []

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