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Judge being investigated demoted to researcher


Seon Jae-sung

The Supreme Court yesterday demoted Seon Jae-sung, a senior judge at Gwangju District Court who is embroiled in allegations of cronyism and making questionable job assignments, by suspending him as a judge and sending him to the Judicial Research and Training Institute to work as a researcher.

The court said Seon will be excluded from all work as a judge and will work at the institute starting today.

“We see it is inappropriate for Seon, who is under investigation by inspectors from the National Court Administration under the Supreme Court, to keep his job as judge,” a court administration official said.

According to the court administration, an owner of a waste management firm in Naju, South Jeolla, which had gone bankrupt and has been under judicial management, recently filed an appeal to Gwangju District Court, saying “the corporate adviser sent from the court to my firm seems to be unqualified.”

The owner said the adviser had given 52 million won ($46,553) to a lawyer surnamed Gang, who is a school friend of Seon, in an attempt to be a corporate adviser because Seon was in charge of appointing a corporate adviser to a bankrupt company under court management. The owner suspected that the lawyer gave part of the money to Seon.

According to the court administration, Seon is also suspected of having employed his elder brother as an auditor of a company under court receivership. And Seon allegedly gave his former driver a corporate advisory position of a company under judicial management.

The Gwangju Prosecutors’ Office recently received an anonymous petition accusing Seon of being involved in a debt collection suit last September. The court said Seon allegedly appointed Gang as a debt collection lawyer for two companies in Gwangyang and Damyang, South Jeolla, and Gang received 500 million won for winning the debt collection lawsuit, which was much more than the companies promised to give him, damaging the financial status of the companies.

The court said it would take punitive steps against Seon if the investigation shows wrongdoing. Although most judges at the institute give lectures to new lawyers, Seon will just work as a researcher, the court said. Gwangju court said Yoon Sung-won, a senior judge in Gwangju High Court, will replace Seon.

By Kim Hee-jin [heejin@joongang.co.kr]

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연수원에서 강의는 하지 않고 사법연구직을 맡는 사실상 문책성 인사다. 대법원 윤리감사관실 관계자는 “감사를 진행하는 상황에서 선 수석부장이 계속 재판 업무를 수행하는 것은 바람직하지 않다고 봤다”고 밝혔다. 대법원은 감사 결과가 나오는 대로 구체적인 징계 수위를 결정할 계획이다.

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