A team to probe Shanghai siren case

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A team to probe Shanghai siren case


A government team formed to investigate the information leak scandal involving Korean diplomats in Shanghai and a Chinese woman leaves Gimpo International Airport to the Chinese city yesterday. By Kang Jung-hyun

An intergovernmental investigation team arrived in Shanghai yesterday for a probe into a scandal involving Korean diplomats entrapped by a sexy Chinese siren.

Led by the Prime Minister’s Office, a 10-member team from the government, including foreign and justice ministries, arrived at the Chinese city and received briefings at the Korean Consulate-General. An in-depth probe will take place from today till Saturday on how contact information of about 200 top Korean government and ruling Grand National Party officials was leaked to the 33-year-old Deng Xinming.

The investigators will look into the possibility that other confidential information were leaked to Deng. They will also investigate allegations that Deng had entrapped consuls at the Korean mission for a lucrative visa-issuing business.

A main part of the probe will look into the relationship between Deng and Kim Jung-ki, former Korean consul general in Shanghai. Kim is suspected of providing the Korean power elite’s contact numbers to Deng last year, but Kim had rejected the accusation.

After being accused of having an inappropriate relationship with Deng and identified as the source of the leak, Kim said he was framed by his rival. He specifically mentioned a vice consul general in Shanghai in charge of intelligence.

Kim is currently in Korea and being questioned by the Prime Minister’s Office.

The government probe, however, is destined to face difficulties because it has no investigative jurisdiction in China. It also remains unclear whether the team will be able to question Deng because her whereabouts is not known since the scandal broke out.

Without questioning Deng, it is expected to be difficult to investigate the allegation that she was a Chinese agent for a ‘honey trap’ intelligence operation.

While speculations grew in Korea that she may be a spy, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu only said Friday that she has no information about the case.

Ahn Chong-gi, the newly appointed Korean consul general in Shanghai who assumed the post on Friday, said Saturday that the government investigators will only question insiders of the mission and gather material evidence inside the consulate-general compound due to jurisdiction issues, Ahn said.

He also said the investigators have no plan to question Deng or seek the Chinese government’s cooperation for the probe into the scandal.

By Ser Myo-ja [myoja@joongang.co.kr]

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그는 또 "이번 사건을 단순한 치정 사건과 스파이 사건 가운데 어느 쪽에 비중을 두느냐"는 질문에는 "의혹만 잔뜩 안고 있는 상황"이라고 답했다.

앞서 총리실은 스캔들 발생 당시 책임자였던 김정기 전 총영사를 지난 8∼10일 사흘간 불러 조사하는 것으로 국내 조사를 일단락했으며, 현지 조사 결과에 따라 김 전 총영사 등을 상대로 추가 확인 조사를 벌일 계획이다.

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이를 위해 덩씨와 부적절한 관계에 있었던 것으로 알려진 전직영사 법무부 파견 H씨, 지식경제부 파견 K씨, 외교부 P씨 등은 물론 김 전 총영사가 사용한 컴퓨터의 1년여치 기록, 내부 전산망 사용 기록 등을 확인할 것으로 전해졌다.

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그러나 이번 사건의 실체를 파악하는데 핵심적인 인물인 덩씨의 행방이 묘연한데다 행방을 확인한다고 해도 합조단이 직접 조사할 법적 권한도 없어 진상 규명에 한계가 있다는 지적도 나오고 있다.
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