Cheonan victims remembered by Buddhist families

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Cheonan victims remembered by Buddhist families

The families of some of the South Korean sailors killed aboard the Cheonan warship last year gathered yesterday to commemorate the first anniversary of the sinking, which was blamed on North Korea.

About 50 bereaved family members of 14 of the sailors on the corvette attended a Buddhist service at the Haewung Temple inside the headquarters of the Korean Navy’s Second Fleet in Pyeongtaek, according to military officials.

During the service, the families placed flowers and burnt incense before the framed pictures of the 14 sailors, the officials said.

Forty-six sailors died in the March 26 sinking of the Cheonan, which had 107 personnel aboard the ship.

The headquarters in Pyeongtaek was home to the Cheonan and served as a funeral site for the sailors who died when the ship was sunk patrolling waters near the inter-Korean maritime border in the Yellow Sea.

Although the anniversary is two weeks away, the temple arranged the service based on the lunar calendar for Buddhist family members. Last March 26 was Feb. 11 according to the lunar calendar and Feb 11 this year fall on March 15.

The officials said the formal commemoration of the first anniversary on March 26 will be hosted by the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs and the Korean Navy at Daejeon National Cemetery. A ceremony unveiling a memorial monument to the 46 sailors will be held at Baeknyeong Island on March 27, they said.

The Cheonan sinking, which occurred near Baeknyeong Island, drove inter-Korean relations to their lowest point in decades

Two months later, a multinational investigation led by South Korea found North Korea responsible, but the North has denied any role.

South Korea called it the biggest provocation by the North since the end of the Korean War in 1953. Shortly after, the North launched the deadly shelling of Yeonpyeong Island in November, killing four South Koreans.

A college group comprised of seven organizations such as the College Students Alliance for Human Rights in North Korea said yesterday that it had designated the two weeks prior to March 26 as a mourning period by college students to mark the deaths on the Cheonan.

“It is to remind us of the courage and spirit of sacrifice of the sailors on the Cheonan,” said the group in a statement.

A survey released by the group yesterday found that 81.3 percent of about 600 college students thought a North Korean torpedo attack caused the sinking.

By Moon Gwang-lip []

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