Colleague nabbed in postman’s death

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Colleague nabbed in postman’s death


A man surnamed Yoon was arrested Saturday and charged with killing postman Kim Yeong-gil, who was found on March 3 in an apartment building in Incheon. [YONHAP]

Police on Saturday arrested the colleague of a postman who was found dead on March 3 on the stairway of an apartment in Incheon and charged him with murder.

The arrest of the suspected killer, surnamed Yoon, 42, was shocking because he had worked with Kim Yeong-gil for three years.

Police have been looking for a suspect after an autopsy by the National Forensic Service found that Kim died due to excessive blood loss after being beaten with a blunt weapon, overturning police’s original assumption that he died accidentally by slipping on the stairs while he was delivering mail.

The 30-year-old man was found dead on the stairs between the 16th and 17th floors of the apartment building at 7:48 a.m. on March 3.

Investigators said Yoon killed Kim because Kim had been pressing Yoon to pay back 40 million won ($ 35,603) in loans he took out at the request of Yoon. Police said Yoon had asked Kim to loan him money in 2009 because his credit rating was not good enough to take out a large loan.

Kim took out millions of won in loans on separate occasions for Yoon and police believe Yoon used the money to pay back his debts. Yoon started working for the post office after going bankrupt.

Police said Kim was happy to help his debt-ridden colleague initially but that he lost patience in January when he started getting text messages from the banks asking him to repay the loans.

Police said Kim showed the text messages to Yoon, pressing him to pay off the loans. The two drank together the night before Kim’s death and they parted ways after wrangling over the issue, according to police.

When police questioned Yoon as a witness before the autopsy results were available, he said he didn’t borrow money but rather lent money to Kim.

By Kim Mi-ju []

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