[Letters] Let’s create smart cities in Korea

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[Letters] Let’s create smart cities in Korea

Nine out of 10 Koreans live in an urban environment. For those of us born in the city and living in the city, the urban space has a very significant meaning. The city’s sphere of influence goes beyond food, clothing and shelter.

The city affects our consciousness and dominates our lives. It is the environment we live in and where we learn and are educated.

Who is responsible for designing such an important place?

An urban space is not just the work of urban planners and city officials. A city is a product of the residents. As the main entity of the city, how do we influence the formation of the urban space?

In order to answer this question, we need to pay attention to the IAEC Congress to be held in Changwon, South Gyeongsang, in April 2012.

The International Association of Educating Cities will meet there to discuss and share valuable experiences and information on how to interpret and develop cities.

The IAEC congress in Changwon will be the first such meeting in Asia, and its theme is “Green Environment, Creative Education.”

At the assembly, Korea can respond to people around the globe that healthy and green urban environments are the beginning of a creative civic education and the foundation of a sustainable city.

Now we need to deviate from the old fragmental mindset to automatically think of college admission only as “education.” The city is where we are educated and where life is vibrant.

Citizens have to share the values and experiences of urban life and design cities with a creative perspective. Let’s make a smart city for urban dwellers.

Kang Jung-wun,

a professor of urban affairs and public policy at Changwon University and the chairman of the Advisory Council for Green Growth at the Ministry of Public Administration and Security
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