Turbulence expected if new hub airport scrapped

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Turbulence expected if new hub airport scrapped

As the Lee Myung-bak administration mulls abandoning an expensive plan to build a new international airport in the country’s southeastern region and instead expand capacity at Gimhae International Airport, the idea met bitter opposition from mayors and residents of cities in the Gyeongsang provinces bidding for the project.

Their fury comes after media reported on Sunday that the government was looking into the possibility of scrapping the project on economic grounds.

“I’m aware that the evaluation committee for a new southeastern international hub airport will announce that both Miryang and Gadeok Island are not suitable for the project,” a senior-ranking official of the ruling Grand National Party told the JoongAng Ilbo on Sunday.

The GNP official said that rather than building a new airport, renovating Gimhae International Airport in Busan would save 6 trillion won ($5.4 billion).

Currently, Gimhae is a civil and military airport. Thirty percent of its facilities are used by the military.

The GNP official said the government is examining relocating the military from Gimhae to other military airports in the Gyeongsang region, leaving space to expand Gimhae’s cargo and passenger capacities.

The 10 trillion won project to build a new international airport in the southeastern part of the country had prompted ferocious competition between two major cities in the Gyeongsang area.

Busan, the nation’s largest port city, wants the airport to be built on its adjacent Gadeok Island.

Daegu wants it built in Miryang in South Gyeongsang, which is about 30 miles south of Daegu and closer than Gadeok Island.

While the final decision will be announced by the evaluation committee tomorrow, news reports infuriated people in “Yeongnam,” a Korean term referring to North and South Gyeongsang. Yeongnam is a traditional stronghold of the ruling GNP.

Daegu Mayor Kim Bum-il said aborting the project will do little to help balance regional development in Korea, one of the project’s original purposes.

“If the news reports are true, the fate of the new international airport is already decided even before the evaluation committee makes its announcement,” Kim said in a press conference yesterday.

Kim said his aides suggested he boycott an evaluation committee inspection today, but he decided to be patient.

North Gyeongsang Gov. Kim Kwan-yong warned, “The Lee administration will face fierce opposition and fury from the region if the project is aborted.”

Kim continued, “As we’ve witnessed with Japan’s earthquake, we need two international hub airports. To prepare for potential natural disasters and national emergencies, we need a second international hub airport in addition to Incheon International Airport.”

Busan is also furious about the possibility of the project being aborted.

The Busan Metropolitan City government said it won’t accept the evaluation committee’s idea of scrapping the project or expanding Gimhae.

“Currently, the military also uses Gimhae International Airport, and there many problems with the airport including noise issues,” Kang Hee-cheon, a Busan Metropolitan City official told the JoongAng Ilbo yesterday. “Expanding Gimhae is not efficient.”

“The government formed an evaluation committee to inspect Gadeok Island and Miryang even though scrapping the project was a foregone conclusion,” said Park In-ho of a civic group that supports building a new airport on Gadeok Island. “Miryang and Gadeok residents have been hoodwinked.”

By Kim Mi-ju [mijukim@joongang.co.kr]

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