Lee and Park are on top in political power poll

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Lee and Park are on top in political power poll

Koreans believe President Lee Myung-bak is the most influential political figure among the ruling and opposition political heavyweights and they have the highest confidence in his former presidential primary rival Park Geun-hye, who is expected to run in the next presidential election, according to a poll conducted by Hankook Research at the request of the JoongAng Ilbo, YTN and East Asia Institute.

The poll surveyed 800 adults nationwide from Saturday to Sunday in random phone interviews. The poll’s margin of error is plus or minus 3.5 percent.

The respondents were asked to rate politicians in terms of their political influence and public confidence on a 10-point scale.

The poll result showed Lee received the highest rating as the most influential politician with 6.3 of 10 points, beating former GNP Chairwoman Park Geun-hye by a razor-thin margin.

Park was rated as the second-most influential politician with 6.1 points, followed by Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon (5.2 points), Gyeonggi Governor Kim Moon-soo (5.1 points) and main opposition Democratic Party Chairman Sohn Hak-kyu (4.6 points).

The poll showed that Lee maintained the top position for the most influential politician for three consecutive years while ratings for Park have continued to risen over the past three years.

Park, who’s regarded as a front-runner in the 2012 presidential race, received the highest public confidence ratings from respondents with 5.7 points followed by Lee (4.9 points), Kim (4.7 points) and Oh (4.6 points).

Sohn and Rhyu Si-min, head of the People’s Participation Party, two prominent liberal presidential candidates, received 4.2 points each.

The poll showed Park is still the most popular presidential contender and ranked as the top politician in terms of preference with 36.9 percent of respondents saying that they support her.

Rhyu, a close confidant of former President Roh Moo-hyun, was the only other candidate whose popularity was in double digits at 10.6 percent.

Other presidential hopefuls remained in the single digits, including Oh (8.1 percent), former Prime Minister Han Myeong-sook (6.4 percent), Kim (5.2 percent), Liberty Forward Party Chairman Lee Hoi-chang (3.8 percent), Sohn (3.1 percent) and GNP Representative Chung Mong-joon (3 percent).

While the poll showed Rhyu has the highest presidential preference among the liberal candidates, the poll showed that the situation could change if the People’s Participation Party and Democratic Party formed an alliance for the forthcoming presidential election.

The poll found 21.1 percent said Sohn should become the liberal standard-bearer, with 18.8 supported Rhyu.

By Kim Mi-ju [mijukim@joongang.co.kr]

한글 관련 기사 [중앙일보]
야권 단일후보 손학규 21%, 유시민 19%

 정치인의 영향력을 0점(매우 낮음)부터 10점(매우 높음) 사이의 점수로 평가토록 한 결과 이 대통령이 6.3점으로 가장 높았다. 이어 박 전 대표(6.1점), 오세훈 서울시장(5.2점), 김문수 경기지사(5.1점), 손학규 민주당 대표(4.6점) 순이었다. 신뢰도에선 박 전 대표가 5.7점으로 1위였고, 다음은 이 대통령(4.9점), 김 지사(4.7점), 오 시장(4.6점), 손 대표·유시민 국민참여당 대표(이상 4.2점) 순이었다.

 이 대통령은 2009년 6.2점, 2010년 6.4점, 2011년 6.3점으로 3년째 영향력 1위를 지켰다. 신뢰도의 경우 2009년 4.3점에서 2010년 4.9점으로 올랐고 올해도 이 점수를 유지했다.

 박 전 대표는 최근 3년간 영향력·신뢰도 두 측면에서 모두 상승세였다. 영향력은 5.6점, 5.7점, 6.1점이었고, 신뢰도는 5.0점, 5.4점, 5.7점이었다.

 차기 대선 후보 지지도는 박 전 대표 36.9%, 유 대표 10.6%, 오 시장 8.1%, 한명숙 전 총리 6.4%, 김 지사 5.2%, 이회창 자유선진당 대표 3.8%, 손 대표 3.1%, 정몽준 의원 3.0% 순으로 조사됐다. 그러나 야권 단일후보 적합도에선 손 대표(21.1%)가 유 대표(18.8%)를 앞섰다.

 이번 조사의 표본은 성·연령·지역별 인구비례에 따른 할당추출법으로 선정했다. 조사는 유선전화 RDD(Random Digit Dialing·임의번호걸기)와 컴퓨터를 이용한 면접(CATI·computer assisted telephone interviewing) 방식으로 진행했다. 최대 허용 표본오차는 95% 신뢰수준에서 ±3.5%포인트다.
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