North may want to put casino at Mt. Kumgang

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North may want to put casino at Mt. Kumgang

North Korea’s statement last week that it would take away Hyundai Asan’s right as the sole contractor for cross-border tours to the Mount Kumgang resort may have been motivated by the North’s potential desire to build a casino there.

According to U.S.-based Radio Free Asia (RFA) yesterday, North Korean officials believe building a casino at the picturesque mountain resort could draw many Chinese visitors.

A tour agency owner in China surnamed Oh said a high-ranking North Korean official told him the North plans to unilaterally abandon the contract it had with Hyundai Asan, the South Korean contractor that still has a handful of staff at the resort, according to RFA.

Oh said building a casino at the resort is a “good idea” to lure Chinese tourists to the area, because “most Chinese are not really interested in Mount Kumgang tours” and because it is difficult for Chinese travel agencies to sell tour packages that send visitors deep into North Korea.

Ju, another tour agency operator, said there has been no official word from the North, but that it was likely that North Korea would go in that direction. RFA quoted Ju as saying that it would be easy to bring in Chinese investment if North Korea decides to build a casino.

The idea, however, may not fly, because other casinos were already built in North Korea to attract wealthy Chinese.

Another issue, though, is that the Chinese government frowns on gambling. The Chinese government has sporadically banned Chinese from visiting the North Korean Seaview Casino Hotel since it opened in 1999.

Meanwhile, the South Korean government and Hyundai Asan remain firm that North Korea’s announcement last week that it would break the arrangement with Hyundai Asan to run the resort does not carry any legal weight and that they are making efforts to sort out the situation.

By Christine Kim []

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