Cause of death for model still not known

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Cause of death for model still not known


Kim Yu-ri

Police investigating the death of 22-year-old model Kim Yu-ri said that results of an autopsy yesterday weren’t enough to determine the cause of death and they plan to conduct a biopsy.

“It’s difficult to determine the exact cause of death with what we have now,” said a police investigator. “The autopsy showed there were no external or internal wounds. There were no signs that she took [an overdose of] medication. To find the exact cause of her death, we need to conduct a biopsy test and that takes about 20 days.”

According to Gangnam police, Kim, who debuted in 2007, was found in bed in her apartment in Samseong-dong, Gangnam, at 6 p.m. on Monday. After her friend discovered her, Kim was rushed to Seoul Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead.

The friend told police that she became suspicious and went to check on Kim because she hadn’t answered her calls that day.

The friend said they last talked by phone the previous day.

Before the autopsy was done, police originally looked into the possibility that the model committed suicide after they were told by the friend that Kim sent her a text message saying that she would go to bed after taking sedatives. Police said they found sedatives in Kim’s room.

Kim’s close friends said she suffered from depression after her mother committed suicide last year. Her friends said Kim, an only child, then suffered insurmountable emotional stress after her father died last year.

On top of that, Kim had trouble with a boyfriend. “Kim told me her boyfriend borrowed 5 million won ($4600) from her in early April but he ran away,” said a model industry official who asked not to be named. “I felt she was deeply shocked at how someone who she trusted and depended on betrayed her.”

Kim also seemed to be stressed out by the highly competitive modeling industry.

“We smile on the surface but we really get stressed out,” Kim wrote on her Cyworld home page. “There aren’t that many stages that models can work on in Korea and if you don’t become a top model, it’s hard to get your name passed around.”

By Kim Mi-ju, Kim Hyo-eun []

한글 관련 기사 [일간스포츠]

故김유리, 1차 부검서 사인 규명 실패

자신의 원룸에서 숨진 모델 김유리(22)의 사인이 여전히 정확히 밝혀지지 않았다.

서울 강남경찰서는 20일 "사망한 모델 김유리 씨의 시신을 1차 부검했지만 정확한 사인은 조직 검사를 해봐야 알 수 있을 것"이라고 밝혔다. 이어 경찰은 "부검 결과 김씨의 시신에 외상이 없었고, 내부 장기 손상도 없었으며 약물 중독 증상도 찾을 수 없었다"며 "현재로선 타살은 아닌 것으로 보이나 정확한 사인을 알려면 20일 정도 걸린다"고 설명했다.

김유리는 지난 18일 서울 삼성동 자신의 원룸 침대에서 숨진 채 발견돼 충격을 안겨줬다.

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