Korean medicine event underway at Changdeok Palace

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Korean medicine event underway at Changdeok Palace


A visitor receives acupuncture from a practitioner of traditional Korean medicine. Provided by the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea

Vistors to Changdeok Palace will be treated to free traditional Korean medical checkups during an event designed to provide greater insight into Eastern medicine.

The event was initiated last September and is co-hosted by the Association of Korean Oriental Medicine and the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation, which share the goal of promoting Korean traditional medicine. The event is sponsored by the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea.

“Considering its historical and cultural significance, we decided that Changdeok Palace would be the perfect venue for this event to inform more foreigners about traditional Korean medicine,” said Han Dong-ha, AKOM’s director of medical affairs.

According to Han, the rising global interest in traditional Korean medicine is partly attributable to Donguibogam, a Korean medical encyclopedia from the Joseon Dynasty that was registered as part of Unesco’s Memory of the World Programme in 2009.

The encyclopedia was compiled by court physician Heo Jun and published in 1613 and laid the foundation for traditional Korean medicine, which flourished during the Joseon Dynasty.

Traditional Korean healing methods included using herbal remedies from ingredients like flowers, plants, algae and seaweed; acupuncture; moxibustion, a traditional therapeutic technique that uses aged mugwort formed into a cone that is then burned onto the skin or used with acupuncture needles; aromatherapy and meditation.

The event, which is part of the palace tour program, started last week and has a second run from May 12-15. It is expected to provide more detailed insight into Korean medicine and how the royals were treated.

At Seongjeonggak, the main building of the Naeuiwon (royal infirmary) complex, visitors will be offered free medical checkups by Korean medical doctors in traditional garments.

Visitors can also participate in workshops on how to make herbal medicine, draw paintings from the Donguibogam and try herbal teas matched to their body type.

There are additional events on Teachers’ Day (May 15), when visitors will receive free medical consultations using simple procedures like acupuncture.

These sessions are limited to 40 people and registration is required.

“The event has thus far been successful with foreigners and families,” said Han.

“The Association of Korean Oriental Medicine and the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation will collaborate to make the event an annual one,” he added.

*The event will be held from May 12-15 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Go to Anguk Station, line No. 3, exit 3. For details, call the Changdeok Palace Office at (02) 3676-2302 or the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation at (02) 3011-2155.

By Chang Hae-won Contributing writer [estyle@joongang.co.kr]

한글 관련 기사 [머니투데이]
한의협, 5~15일 창덕궁서 한의약 체험행사 개최
대한한의사협회는 오는 5일부터 15일까지 총 8회에 걸쳐, 창덕궁 내에서 한의약 체험 행사를 실시한다고 4일 밝혔다.

대한한의사협회와 한국문화재보호재단, 허준박물관이 주관하고, 문화재청이 주최하며, 문화체육관광부가 후원하는 이번 행사는 5~8일과 12~15일 오후 1시부터 5시까지 진행된다.

연휴를 맞아 고궁을 찾은 국내·외 관람객들을 대상으로 조선시대 어의 복장을 갖춘 한의사들의 한방무료진료와 함께 약첩 싸기, 약재 갈기, 체질별 한방차 시음 등 다양한 한의약 체험 프로그램을 진행할 예정이라는 게 협회 측의 설명이다.

행사 첫날인 5일 어린이날에는 아토피 등 어린이 주요 질환 등에 대한 한방 진료와 상담이 진행되며, 한약재 향기주머니를 나눠주는 이벤트도 실시된다.

6일에는 역대 미스코리아 본선 수상자들의 모임 `녹원회` 회원들이 동참하며, 8일 어버이 날에는 어르신들을 대상으로 노인성 질환과 관련한 진료 및 상담이 진행된다.

한편, 지난해 창덕궁 내의원에서 진행된 한의약 체험 행사는 총 14회에 걸쳐 진행됐으며, 내국인 311명과 외국인 254명 등 총 565명을 대상으로 한방무료진료가 이뤄졌다.

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