Misdeeds by banks rampant, says GNP

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Misdeeds by banks rampant, says GNP

Chung Ui-hwa, head of the Grand National Party’s emergency council, said if the results of a prosecutors’ investigation into rampant corruption at Korea’s savings banks isn’t rigorous enough, he will push for parliamentary inquiries into the case.

“Corruption involving savings banks is a clear example of the haves running roughshod over the have-nots,” Chung said in a meeting with council members yesterday. “We need to exercise all available governmental authority to punish those involved. If we don’t amputate the evil practices witnessed at Busan Savings Bank and don’t completely root out the corruption that has spread far and wide, fairness in society won’t exist.”

The prosecution’s investigation into Busan Savings Bank Group has expanded to cover alleged collusion between politicians and the bank after a high ranking government official was found to have withdrawn money prior to the bank’s suspension on Feb. 17, possibly after receiving inside information.

According to prosecutors at the Central Investigation Unit of the Supreme Public Prosecutors’ Office, Chung Chang-soo, first vice minister of land, transport and maritime affairs, withdrew a total of 214 million won ($197,000) from two Busan Savings Bank’s affiliates, Jungang Busan Savings Bank and Daejeon Savings Bank, from the end of January to early February.

Chung resigned from his post on Monday for “personal reasons.” Prosecutors plan to question Chung.

The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs issued a statement that said: “Chung, the former vice minister, withdrew savings from the banks because his and his family’s fixed deposit accounts matured and he informed the ministry that he didn’t know about the bank’s suspension in advance.”

Prosecutors are examining a list of 4,000 customers who withdrew more than 50 million won total between Jan. 25 and Feb. 15 to see if they were leaked inside information about the group’s suspension. Deposits under 50 million won are insured by the government.

By Kim Mi-ju [mijukim@joongang.co.kr]

한글 관련 기사 [연합]
정의화 "저축銀, 수사미흡시 국정조사 추진"
'사회의 가진 자들이 민초들을 등친 꼴'
한나라당 정의화 비상대책위원장은 19일 저축은행 부실사태와 관련, "검찰 수사가 마무리되고 결과가 미흡하면 국회 차원에서 국정조사를 추진해야 한다"고 말했다.

정 위원장은 이날 여의도당사에서 열린 비대위 회의에서 "저축은행 사태는 우리 사회의 가진 자, 힘있는 자들이 대한민국 역사를 만든 민초들을 등쳐먹은 것이라고 할 수 있다"며 "동원 가능한 공권력을 총동원, 철저히 단죄해야 한다"고 밝혔다.

그는 "부산 저축은행의 악질적인 행위를 단절하고 먹이사슬 같은 비리행위를 척결하지 못하면 공정사회도 없다"면서 "심각한 도덕적 해이에 빠진 금융인의 도덕 재무장 운동을 펼쳐야 한다"고 했다.

정 위원장은 또 한나라당 쇄신 방향에 대해 "국민이 한나라당에 요구하는 것은 국민의 목소리에 귀기울여 달라는 것"이라며 "민생정책 강화도 국민들이 원하는 바를 알지 못하면 달성할 수 없다"고 지적했다.

그는 "비대위 활동을 통해 국민과 호흡하고 원활하게 소통할 수 있는 기초를 만들어야 한다"면서 "전당대회 룰과 관련해 국민과 소통하고 민의를 쫓는 지도부가 선출되도록 최선의 방안을 찾아야 한다"고 강조했다.
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