Kim tours Nanjing and heads northwest

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Kim tours Nanjing and heads northwest


North Korean leader Kim Jong-il is spotted leaving a vehicle in an image captured by a Chinese bystander in Nanjing during Kim’s fifth day in China yesterday. [YONHAP]

After finishing a relaxing day in Yangzhou, complete with boat ride on a picturesque river, North Korean leader Kim Jong-il hopped in a car and sped south to Nanjing on his fifth day in China.

Kim left Yangzhou at 8:30 a.m. local time and arrived in Nanjing roughly two hours later. After arriving, Kim was seen visiting Panda Electronics, a Chinese electronics manufacturing company established in 1936. He checked into the Nanjing Dongjiao State Guesthouse and went out once more to see Olympic Sports Center, on the outskirts of the city, and the Nanjing Museum, one of China’s largest museums.

Kim ate lunch at the guesthouse, which his father, North Korean founder Kim Il Sung, stayed at during a visit in 1991.

While in Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province, a plane from North Korea’s Koryo Airlines was spotted on standby at a nearby airport.

After lunch, Kim boarded his special train and headed northwest. If he was headed to Beijing for a meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao, the train ride would take around 14 hours.

After Kim left, the Yangzhou State Guesthouse was still adorned with welcome messages on banners and electronic billboards. The suites Kim and his party occupied usually cost between 18,800 yuan ($2,890) and 36,260 yuan for an overnight stay.

Kim Jong-il’s seemingly restless trip through China has been difficult to track because of painstaking security measures the Chinese government has implemented to conceal his movements.

But the JoongAng Ilbo witnessed some of Kim’s movements in Yangzhou, and heard about others from local residents.

A South Korean diplomatic source told the JoongAng Ilbo that the Chinese government had informed Seoul of Kim’s visit almost immediately after he crossed into China.

“Just an hour or two after Kim Jong-il crossed the border between North Korea and China, Beijing informed us on the condition of secrecy,” said the source.

Beijing has never informed Seoul about Kim’s trips to China in the past.

“We believe that China chose to tell us almost immediately after Kim Jong-il’s departure because for his past two visits, China was criticized for not confirming the facts,” the source said.

“The South Korean government kept silent until late in the afternoon on May 20,” the source added. “We had no choice but to watch the media get it wrong in reporting it was Kim Jong-un, Kim’s son, who had gone across the border in the train. We couldn’t say anything else to the media except that it was a special train that had crossed into China.”

The diplomatic source said it was probably a “mistake” for a South Korean government official to confirm that Kim Jong-il was taking the trip considering the agreement with Beijing.

By Christine Kim, Kang Chan-ho []

한글 관련 기사 [중앙일보]
김정일, 베이징으로 … 오늘 후진타오 만날 듯
방중 5일째 동선

김정일 북한 국방위원장이 24일 오후 2시쯤(현지시간) 장쑤(江蘇)성 난징(南京)역을 출발해 베이징(北京) 방향으로 북상했다. 한 외교 소식통은 “이에 따라 이르면 25일 후진타오(胡錦濤·호금도) 중국 국가주석과 정상회담을 할 가능성이 커졌다”고 말했다. 정상회담을 할 경우 김 위원장은 후 주석에게 김정은 후계체제 지원을 요청할 것으로 보인다. 김 위원장은 22일 장쩌민(江澤民·강택민) 전 국가주석을 만났을 때도 같은 요청을 했다.

 김 위원장을 태운 25량짜리 특별열차가 출발하기 전 난징역에는 길이만 다를 뿐 외관이 쌍둥이처럼 닮은 3량짜리 꼬마열차가 처음 모습을 드러냈다. 이 열차는 특별열차보다 20∼30분 앞서 달리면서 선로 파손이나 열차 공격 가능성을 점검하는 선도열차로 파악됐다. 특별열차와 마찬가지로 짙은 녹색 바탕에 노란색 줄무늬가 그려져 있었고, 앞과 옆에는 ‘DF’로 시작되는 고유 번호가 새겨져 있었다. 특별열차에는 ‘DF11z-0001B’라는 고유 번호가 새겨져 있었다. 이날 꼬마열차가 출발하고 20여 분이 지나자 특별열차가 뒤를 따랐다.

 대북 소식통은 “1991년 10월 방중했던 김일성 주석이 산둥(山東)성 지난(濟南)을 방문해 순겅(舜耕)빈관(호텔)에서 하룻밤을 묵은 적이 있다”며 “김 위원장이 ‘노스탤지어 여정’을 계속 이어간다면 지난에서 잠시 정차할 가능성이 있다”고 말했다.

 앞서 이날 오전 8시30분쯤 김 위원장은 이틀간 묵었던 양저우 영빈관에서 나와 승용차 편으로 난징으로 이동했다. 김 위원장은 오전 9시50분쯤 중국의 대형 전자업체 판다(熊猫)그룹을 방문했다. 마오쩌둥(毛澤東·모택동)·덩샤오핑(鄧小平·등소평)·장쩌민(江澤民·강택민)·후진타오가 모두 방문한 곳이다.

 김 위원장은 난징 둥자오(東郊)빈관에서 휴식을 취한 뒤 외곽 신도시 허스(河市)로 이동해 올림픽 주경기장과 세계박물관 등을 둘러봤다. 오찬은 둥자오 빈관에서 다이빙궈(戴秉國·대병국) 중국 외교담당 국무위원과 함께한 것으로 알려졌다.

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