Stallone, Tyson enter Hall of Fame

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Stallone, Tyson enter Hall of Fame


Sylvester Stallone and Mike Tyson speak at the International Boxing Hall of Fame, on Sunday. [AFP/YONHAP]

CANASTOTA, NY - Mike Tyson, the once-proclaimed “baddest man on the planet,’’ was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame on Sunday along with actor Sylvester Stallone.

Tyson was inducted for his reign as heavyweight champion of the world, Stallone for his "Rocky’’ movie series.

Thousands of fans packed every corner of the induction grounds and Tyson was no match for the emotion of the moment. “I’ve got to be goofy about this or I’ll get emotional up here,’’ Tyson warned before trying to honor the late trainer Cus D’Amato, who became his legal guardian and first trainer after Tyson’s mother died.

D’Amato died in 1985, the year before the hard-punching Tyson knocked out WBC champion Trevor Berbick in the second round to become the youngest heavyweight champ in history at age 20. “All this stuff started when I met Cus and Bobby Stewart [a social worker and boxing fan who introduced Tyson to D’Amato],’’ Tyson said. “I was in reform school because I was always robbing people.”

Tyson went on to honor other New York boxing heroes in attendance but choked up near the end of his speech.

If anyone could understand how Tyson felt, it was Stallone.

Every induction weekend is punctuated by the theme song from “Rocky,’’ and on this day it seemed a little bit louder than usual as it blared over the loudspeakers when the honorees made their way on stage.

“I’ve never pretended to be a boxer. I don’t possess those skills,’’ said Stallone. “What I do think I have is an understanding of what goes on outside the ring. Outside the ring is sometimes maybe an even bigger struggle .?.?. and I was able to capture that. Then I believe that you can identify more with the fighter.

“Sometimes I write things that may seem a little sentimental, but I truly believe it’s not how hard you can hit - it’s how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward because that’s really what makes the difference in your life.’’

“And Yo Adrian, I did it!’’ Stallone shouted in closing, repeating one of the more famous lines from the movie.

Mexican champ Julio Cesar Chavez, Russian-born junior welterweight Kostya Tszyu, Mexican trainer Ignacio “Nacho’’ Beristain, and referee Joe Cortez also were inducted.


한글 관련 기사 [중앙일보]

타이슨·스탤론, 복싱 명예의 전당에

‘핵주먹 복서’와 영화 속 ‘근성의 복서’ 나란히 입성

헤비급 챔피언 출신의 진짜 복서와 영화에서 복서 역할을 한 배우가 나란히 국제복싱 명예의 전당(IBHOF)에 입성했다.

‘핵주먹’ 마이크 타이슨(45)과 영화 ‘록키’의 주연 배우 실베스터 스탤론(65)이 국제복싱 명예의 전당에 올랐다고 AP통신이 13일(한국시간) 보도했다. 두 사람은 이날 뉴욕 캐너스토타 명예의 전당 박물관에서 열린 행사에 참여했다. 행사장에서는 옆자리에 나란히 앉아 손을 잡기도 했다.

헤비급 세계 챔피언을 지낸 타이슨은 통산 50승 6패를 기록했다. 44차례나 KO로 상대를 눕혀 ‘핵주먹’이라고 불렸다. 그러나 타이슨은 1992년 미스 블랙 아메리카 선발대회 참가 여성을 성폭행한 혐의로 3년간 복역하는 등 말썽도 일삼았다.1997년에는 에반더 홀리필드와 경기하던 중 귀를 물어뜯어 ‘핵 이빨’이라는 조롱을 듣기도 했다. 2005년 6월 케빈 맥브라이드와의 경기를 끝으로 링을 떠났다.

스탤론은 1976년 ‘록키’의 각본을 직접 쓰고 출연까지 했다. ‘록키’는 필라델피아 출신 복서 록키 발보아의 생을 담은 영화다. 아카데미상 10개 부문 후보에 오르면서 복싱 영화의 대명사가 됐다. 극중 인물 록키 발보아는 포기를 모르는 근성으로 복싱팬들에게 큰 감동을 줬고 진짜 복서보다 더 많은 인기를 누렸다.

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