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Book: Roh treated rudely


Moon Jae-in, who was a top aide to President Roh Moo-hyun, yesterday dedicates his autobiography at the tomb of the ex-president. [YONHAP]

Moon Jae-in, who was a top aide to President Roh Moo-hyun, says in a recently published autobiography that the prosecutor investigating the alleged bribery scandal involving Roh was rude when questioning the former president and that the evidence against Roh was weak.

The prosecutor, however, denies the accusations.

Roh, whose presidential term ended in February 2008, committed suicide by jumping off a cliff near his home in May 2009, three weeks after being questioned on suspicion of receiving bribes from Park Yeon-cha, former chairman of Busan-based shoemaker Taekwang Industrial.

Lee, who was director of the Central Investigation Unit of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, treated the former president to tea, Moon says is his book, “But Lee was really arrogant. Even though he was polite in his words, his attitude was full of arrogance.”

Just a day after the publication of “Moon Jae-in’s Destiny,” the book was listed yesterday among the top 10 best-sellers in Korea, according to the Kyobo Book Centre.

Moon says in his book that he accompanied Roh when he was questioned by Lee.

“When I was keeping watch on the investigation of the prosecutors, I continuously found out they didn’t have any evidence [that Roh was involved in the bribery scandal],” the book reads. “Except for the testimony of Park Yeon-cha, they don’t have any evidence. But Roh’s witness was different from Park’s and they don’t have any evidence to prove Park was right. They didn’t even obtain the phone records of Roh.”

Park, a longtime patron of Roh, is now in prison after being convicted of giving bribes to high-ranking government officials. Prosecutors suspect Roh was involved in the scandal, dubbed “Park Yeon-cha Gate.” The investigation of Roh was called off after his death.

Lee yesterday flatly denied Moon’s claims.

“I did my job as a prosecutor,” Lee said. “I did my best to be polite to former President Roh. It is totally nonsense to behave arrogantly in front of the former president, who had strong charisma.

“The comments could have been true if I had been with him, just the two of us at the place [the questioning room],” Lee said. “But there were five people - me, Roh, Moon, Jun Hae-chul, then-presidential secretary for civil affairs and Hong Man-pyo, a senior prosecutor. In front of those people, how could I behave badly to the former president?”

Asked why prosecutors couldn’t obtain the phone records of Roh at the time, Lee said, “The legal period permitted to preserve phone records is one year and the one we were trying to find had already passed a year at the time.”

“But, aside from the phone records, we have much evidence [that proves Roh was involved in the bribery scandal],” Lee said. “If Roh’s followers are so confident [of the innocence of Roh], prosecutors could open the previous investigation records on Roh.

“I feel insulted [by the book] but I wouldn’t say any more,” Lee said. “Truth won’t be hidden and it will be found out.”

By Kim Hee-jin []

한글 관련 기사 [중앙일보]

이인규 “나는 예우 갖췄다”…문재인 “겸손 못 배운 사람”

노무현 전 대통령 수사 공방

2009년 ‘박연차 게이트’에 연루됐던 고 노무현 전 대통령에 대한 수사 상황을 두고 문재인 노무현재단 이사장과 이인규 전 대검 중앙수사부장이 날 선 공방을 벌이고 있다.

이 전 중수부장은 16일 “어떤 게 오만했다는 건지 모르겠다. 2009년 4월 30일 노 전 대통령을 소환 조사하면서 처음 뵈었을 때도 내가 상석에 앉거나 태도를 건방지게 한 적이 없었다”고 말했다. 문 이사장이 최근 출간한 책 『문재인의 운명』에서 “소환 당일 노 전 대통령에 대한 이 전 중수부장의 태도에 오만함과 거만함이 가득 묻어있었다”고 지적한 것을 정면 반박한 것이다.

그는 이어 “노 전 대통령에 대한 조사를 마치고서 내가 직접 중앙수사부 특별조사실로 올라가 ‘수고하셨습니다’고 말하고 20분 정도 선 채로 있었다”며 “그때 노 전 대통령은 앉아 계셨고 나는 예우를 다해 공손하게 모셨다”고 강조했다.

이 전 중수부장은 또 “노 전 대통령 소환조사 당일 오후 5시쯤 노 전 대통령의 딸 정연씨가 미국에서 주택을 구입한 것으로 볼 수 있는 단서가 우리 수사팀에 도착했다”며 “그 자료는 미국 재무부 산하 금융정보분석기구인 핀센(FinCEN)이 보내온 것”이라고 말했다. 박연차 전 태광실업 회장의 진술만으로 노 전 대통령을 소환 조사했다는 문 이사장의 비난을 받아친 것이다.

이 전 중수부장은 “문 이사장이 책을 냈으니 이젠 내가 책을 써야 할 차례”라며 “문 이사장이 ‘감(感)’으로 썼다면 나는 ‘팩트’만으로 쓸 것”이라고 말했다.

이에 대해 문 이사장은 “겸손이 뭔지도 모르고 하는 소리”라며 “(이 전 중수부장은) 겸손을 배우지 못한 사람”이라고 비판했다. 이 전 중수부장이 “수사 기록을 공개하면 검찰이 얼마나 수사를 철저히 했는지 알 수 있다”며 수사 기록 공개를 촉구한 데 대해 문 이사장은 “수사 기록은 우리 손에 있는 게 아니다. 우리가 비공개 신청을 했느냐”고 쏘아붙였다.

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