Another problem at Gori nuke plant

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Another problem at Gori nuke plant

Two months after the suspension of three reactors at the Gori Nuclear Power Plant, another reactor at the country’s oldest nuclear plant stopped operation yesterday because of a glitch with connected electrical lines, according to the plant’s operator.

The power plant said power transmission lines delivering electricity from the plant in Gijang County, Busan, to a transformer substation in Sin Ulsan, South Gyeongsang, overloaded at 10:30 a.m., triggering an automatic suspension of the Gori-2 reactor.

A preliminary investigation showed that an overload occurred after one of the three power transmission lines had short-circuited and forced the other two lines to deliver more-than-usual electricity.

The cooling system of the light-water, 650,000-kilowatt Gori-2 reactor was not affected by the suspension and is functioning normally, the operator said.

“Gori-2 remains stable because we continuously provide electricity into it,” said Baek Jong-chan, a plant manager. “There is no radiation leak inside or outside the plant.”

Baek said there was no official schedule for the restart of the reactor, but added that it was possible the reactor could be brought back online as early as late yesterday.

In April, the nuclear plant suffered the suspension of three of its five reactors due to a malfunction.

The Gori-1 reactor, which began operations in 1978, was reopened last month after a four-week inspection, which concluded that there had been an electric circuit glitch.

A few days later, the Gori-3 reactor and the Gori-4 reactor went offline for two hours after technicians accidently touched a power cable during a safety check.

By Moon Gwang-lip []

한글 관련 기사 [연합]
비닐 때문에 … 고리원전 2호기 ‘스톱’

송전선로에 달라붙어 가동 중단
고리원전 2호기(설비용량 65만㎾급, 가압경수로형)가 21일 오전 10시30분부터 가동이 중단됐다.

 고리원자력본부는 고리원전과 신울산발전소 사이 송전선로(신울산 기점 15.45㎞ 지점) 전선에 농사용 비닐이 달라붙으면서 원전 가동이 중단됐다고 밝혔다.

송전선로 3줄 중 비닐이 붙은 1줄의 전기 흐름에 이상이 생기면서 나머지 2줄과 전력 균형이 맞지 않아 원자로를 보호하는 계전기가 작동해 발전이 중단됐다고 고리원전 측은 밝혔다. 고리원전 1발전소 장문기 안전팀장은 “순간정전이 발생해도 1, 2초 뒤 바로 복구되면서 보호 계전기가 작동되지 않는 게 정상이다. 보호 계전기가 작동한 원인을 찾고 있다”고 말했다.

 한국수력원자력 측은 생산한 전기를 외부로 보낼 수 없게 되자 안전을 위해 원전 가동을 중단시켰다. 한수원 관계자는 “현재 방사능 영향은 없고 원자로도 안정 상태”라 고 말했다.

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