Mom of baby left in locker under arrest

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Mom of baby left in locker under arrest

The person who abandoned a dead baby boy in a subway storage locker in June was the child’s 20-year-old unwed mother, according to the Bangbae Police Precinct in southern Seoul.

The mother, surnamed Kim, was arrested around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday at Sillim Station of subway line No. 2 on several charges, including the abandonment of a corpse.

During questioning by police, Kim said she had met a man one year older than herself in a chat room and had sex with him in a DVD-bang, or room, last August. Her family relocated from Seoul last April, but Kim stayed behind, living in a motel near Anyang, Gyeonggi. She gave birth to the baby on May 31, according to police, and he died four days after his birth. Kim put the corpse into a suitcase and left it in a locker in Sinpung Station on line No. 7 on June 4.

After 14 days, the locker management company sent the bag to a storage room of Naebang Station on the same line because no one had claimed it. An attendant at the storage room detected a stench coming from the bag and opened it, finding the baby’s decomposing corpse.

The police found Kim by tracing her mobile phone, which she used to pay for the locker.

While she was living in the motel, Kim pretended to be a model student attending the College of Law at Seoul National University, police said, and sent fabricated straight-A transcripts to her family. The family believed her, police said, because she had previously fabricated her transcripts from high school and her college scholastic ability test scores.

The police ordered an autopsy on the baby to see whether Kim suffocated her son. Police said she admitted to putting it face down on a large pillow.

By Shim Sae-rom []

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