Censor posts nude pics on blog to make a point

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Censor posts nude pics on blog to make a point

A civic group has filed a petition to the police to open an investigation into a Korea Communications Standards Commission member for uploading allegedly obscene photographs onto his personal blog.

Park Kyung-shin, 40, has aroused controversy for posting photos of male and female genitalia on his blog, as criticism arose that his behavior was inappropriate for a member of the KCSC.

The KCSC is responsible for censoring obscene material in broadcasting and telecommunications. Park’s blog postings were challenges to the KCSC over what should be considered obscene.

Mediawatch, a civic group, said on Tuesday that it lodged an official complaint with the Gangdong Police in eastern Seoul on July 29 for Park’s spreading of “obscene materials” online. The group argued that “the photographs of male genitals that Park uploaded onto his blog on July 20 is an apparent violation of the law,” and added that “such a person who breaks down social conventions and fails to listen to others’ opinions shouldn’t work as a member of the KCSC.”

An official from the Gangdong Police said, “We have completed a preliminary investigation for a fuller investigation of the accused. We will send the case to another police agency.”

On July 20, Park uploaded five pictures of male genitalia on his personal blog with the headline, “Do you get sexually aroused by seeing these pictures?” Park was responding to the KCSC’s recent decision to classify pictures of male genitalia on Web sites as “obscene materials.”

Eight days later, Park uploaded representations of female genitals - the painting “L’Origine du Monde” by Gustave Courbet.

“It is the duty of a KCSC committee member,” Park wrote on the blog, “to criticize a government organization excessively limiting the freedom of expression.”

Park removed the male photos on July 28, and on July 29 posted an apology for postings that could be accessed by teens. “My blog didn’t get that many visitors,” he wrote, “so I didn’t think it would actually reach teens.”

The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education confirmed Monday that Park has been working as an advisory committee member for students’ guidance policy since May.

By Yim Seung-hye [sharon@joongang.co.kr]

한글 관련 기사 [연합뉴스]

시민단체 '음란사진 게재' 방통심의위원 고발

미디어 관련 시민단체인 건전미디어시민연대가 성기 사진 등을 자신의 블로그에 올린 박경신 방송통신심의위원회 위원을 경찰에 고발했다.

건전미디어시민연대 관계자는 "음란물을 유포한 박 위원에 대해 지난달 29일에 강동경찰서에 고발장을 제출했다"고 2일 밝혔다.

이 관계자는 "박 위원이 지난달 20일 자신의 블로그에 게시한 남성 성기 사진 등은 명백한 실정법 위반"이라며 "사회적 통념과 다른 생각을 하고 다른 의견에 귀 기울이지 않는 사람이 방송통신심의위원으로 일하는 것은 문제가 있다"고 주장했다.

강동경찰서 관계자는 "고발장을 접수하고 간단한 고발인 조사를 마쳤으며 피고발인 조사를 위해 타 경찰서로 사건을 송치할 것"이라고 말했다.

박 위원은 지난 20일 자신의 블로그 '검열자 일기' 코너에 '이 사진을 보면 성적으로 자극받거나 성적으로 흥분되나요?'라는 제목과 함께 남성의 성기가 포함된 5장의 사진을 올렸다.

박 위원은 "위 사진들이 어떻게 사회질서를 현저히 해할 우려가 있고 누구의 성욕을 자극하여 성적 흥분을 유발하는지 궁금하다"면서 "표현의 자유는 모든 표현의 자유이지 사회적으로 좋은 표현을 할 자유가 아니다"라고 주장했다.

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