Director Sofia Coppola weds in southern Italy

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Director Sofia Coppola weds in southern Italy


ROME - Filmmaker Sofia Coppola went back to her roots, getting married Saturday in the remote, southern Italian town where her great-grandfather was born.

Coppola married Thomas Mars, lead singer of the French rock band Phoenix and the father of their two young daughters, in Bernalda, near the Gulf of Taranto in Italy’s Basilicata region.

The ceremony took place in the garden of a historic palazzo that her famous father, Francis Ford Coppola, renovated in Bernalda’s historic center, according to mayor Leonardo Chiruzzi. The senior Coppola plans to turn it into a luxury boutique hotel.

Bernalda, near the Unesco-recognized troglodyte settlement of Matera to the north, was home to the elder Coppola’s grandfather, Agostino, before he emigrated to the United States.

There was no immediate word on guests, but the ANSA news agency said they included Johnny Depp and Talia Shire, the bride’s aunt, who is best known for her roles in her brother’s “The Godfather” films and as Sylvester Stallone’s girlfriend Adrian in “Rocky.”

Sofia Coppola’s 2003 film “Lost in Translation” won the 40-year-old filmmaker an Academy Award for original screenplay and made her the third woman ever nominated for a directing Oscar. Her 2010 film “Somewhere,” about an actor who sees the emptiness of his existence through the eyes of his child, won the top Golden Lion prize at the Venice Film Festival last year.

She divorced fellow filmmaker Spike Jonze in 2003.


한글 관련 기사 [연합뉴스]

소피아 코폴라 감독, 伊서 재혼

미국을 대표하는 여성 감독 소피아 코폴라가 27일(이하 현지시간) 할아버지의 고향인 남부 이탈리아에서 록그룹 '피닉스'의 리더 토마스 마스와 재혼했다고 AP통신 등이 28일 보도했다.

코폴라 감독은 '대부 시리즈'를 연출한 프란시스 포드 코폴라의 딸로 잘 알려진 감독으로, 1990년 아버지가 연출한 '대부 3'(1990)를 통해 연기자로 데뷔했다.

연출로 방향을 틀어 1999년 '처녀 자살 소동'으로 장편 데뷔한 그는 '사랑도 통역이 되나요?'(2003)로 베니스국제영화제 감독상, 아카데미각본상을 수상했으며 '썸웨어'(2010)로 베니스국제영화제에서 황금사자상을 받았다.

코폴라 감독은 '존 말코비치 되기'(1999), '괴물들이 사는 세상'(2009)의 스파이크 존즈 감독과 2003년 이혼했다.
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