Ministry names 43 colleges as poorly managed

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Ministry names 43 colleges as poorly managed


Continuing its efforts to weed out badly run colleges, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology released its second annual list of “poorly managed” schools yesterday.

Out of the 200 four-year colleges and 146 junior colleges nationwide, 43 schools were deemed to be poorly managed and will no longer be eligible for government support. Furthermore, entering freshmen at 17 of the 43 schools will face restrictions on receiving government student loans starting next academic year.

The ministry also named the schools in the top 85 percent of well-managed colleges.

According to the ministry, the criteria used to determine whether a school was poorly managed focused on the employment rate of graduates and student retention rate.

Four of the 43 schools deemed poorly managed had enrollments over 10,000, six had between 5,000 and 10,000 students, and 33 had enrollments below 5,000.

Seven of the 43 appeared on the list for the second year in a row: Luther University, Dong-U College, Byuksung College, Busan Arts College, Yeongnam Foreign Language College, Kundong University and Holy People University.

Eleven of the 43 poorly managed schools are in the Seoul metropolitan area while 32 are located elsewhere.

The 43 schools that make up the bottom 15 percent of colleges nationwide will face a number of disadvantages, including being the priority for structural reform that is being pushed by the ministry.

Hong Seung-yong, chair of the ministry’s panel on college restructuring, said, “As the evaluation of colleges is every year, the listed schools can make efforts this year to regain eligibility for government funding.”

Last year, these 43 colleges received a total of 130 billion won in financial support from the government.

The ministry said that colleges found to have submitted false documents to qualify for government funding could lose financial support for a maximum of three years.

Colleges deemed poorly managed by the ministry expressed embarrassment after the list’s release.

With colleges set to receive early admissions applications starting this Thursday, the 43 schools may face obstacles in attracting new students for next year.

Some of the listed schools criticized the government for evaluating colleges based only on quantitative data, which they said was insufficient in considering the individual situations and conditions of the schools.

“Early admissions applications start in a couple days, and we are speechless,” said Kim Jin-byeong, head of Wonkwang University’s planning office. “We were in the middle of restructuring for the betterment of the university, but being selected as one of the 17 universities whose students are restricted from receiving loans made us run out of steam.”

Kim said that he “feels keenly the responsibility of the results of the evaluation” but said there was a problem in the evaluation standards as only few criteria were considered.

Jeong Hee-seok, head of the planning office of Chugye University for the Arts, said, “We expected the result [of being selected as a poorly managed college],” and added that “the university will be hit hard as the names are publicly disclosed.”

However, Jeong said that its graduates “tend to work as freelancers in exhibitions and competitions as they all work in the arts,” criticizing that such factors weren’t considered by the evaluation.

By Yim Seung-hye, Yoon Suk-man []

한글 관련 기사 [중앙일보]

상명·원광·경남대 퇴출 후보

부실 사립대학 43곳 추려
정부, 내년 재정지원 중단
‘특별관리’ 국공립 이달 발표

내년 정부 재정지원 제한되는 대학

건동대* 경남대 경동대* 경성대 경주대 고신대 관동대 그리스도대 극동대 대불대* 대전대 루터대* 명신대* 목원대* 상명대 서남대 서울기독대 서원대 선교청대(구 성민대)* 영동대 원광대* 인천가톨릭대 중부대 초당대 추계예술대* 평택대 한국국제대 협성대(이상 4년제). 국제대 김포대* 동우대* 동주대 벽성대* 부산예술대* 부산정보대 서라벌대 서해대* 성화대* 세경대 영남외국어대* 웅지세무대 전북과학대* 주성대(이상 전문대)

*표 대학은 학자금 대출도 제한 (가나다순)

전국 346개 대학(4년제 200곳+전문대 146곳) 중 학교 운영이 부실한 퇴출 대학 후보 43곳이 추려졌다. 이들 대학에는 내년도 정부의 재정지원이 전면 중단된다. 교육과학기술부는 물론 다른 정부 부처나 지방자치단체의 지원도 끊긴다. 부실(不實) 정도가 더 심한 17곳은 내년도 신입생 학자금 대출도 제한된다. 교과부는 연말부터 본격적인 대학 구조조정 작업에 들어갈 예정이다.

 교과부와 대학구조개혁위원회(위원장 홍승용)는 5일 정부 재정지원 제한 대학 평가 결과를 발표했다. 잣대는 취업률·재학생 충원율·등록금 인상 수준·장학금 지급률 등 8개 항목이다 . 4년제 28곳, 전문대 15곳이다. 이들 대학은 내년 보건·의료 분야 정원도 늘릴 수 없게 된다.

 교과부는 43곳 중 내년도 신입생의 학자금 대출이 제한되는 17곳 도 함께 발표했다. 대불대·추계예술대·전북과학대 등이다. 건동대·선교청대 ·루터대·동우대·벽성대·부산예술대·영남외국어대 등 7곳은 지난해에 이어 2년 연속 대출제한 대학에 포함됐다. 홍 위원장은 “17곳은 연말 지정될 부실 경영 대학에 포함될 가능성이 크다”며 “즉각 실사를 한 뒤 강도 높은 구조조정 작업을 진행할 것”이라고 밝혔다. 교과부는 이달 중 ‘특별관리’ 국립대 6곳을 발표한다.
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