[Letters] Time to break down a political obstacle

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[Letters] Time to break down a political obstacle

As a student with only one year left until I am eligible to vote as a citizen of this country, I have many concerns about the nation’s present political scene. Without expertise in politics but not without a basic understanding of what Korea has worked so hard to reap - democracy - I feel concerned about the endless ideological battle taking place in the country and the confused youth now fed up with social injustice.

It seems that a lot of our time, money and energy are being used to solve policy and budgetary issues. These issues seem impossible to solve as long as our politicians continue to be affected by conflicts between the pro-North Korea and the anti-North Korea factions.

The two forces are taking every item on the agenda, fighting over it for a long time and finally doing away with it in the sloppiest manner possible. It’s what’s slowing down growth in every part of our society and it has got to be settled soon. With the IT industry, the strongest part of the economic sector, also expected to suffer from more technological innovations originating in foreign companies like Apple, it’s urgent to look for ways to deal with the political problems at hand.

Meanwhile, students are confused because they are fascinated by the globalized world but awestruck by how ugly the domestic situation is. When learning about present global efforts to tackle conflicts between interest groups, students are amazed by how the “global mind” they’re taught is rarely realized appropriately in their own country.

Tired of all the news about so-called “leaders” not being able to cooperate but rather using violence, money and other immoral means to solve arguments, youngsters feel lost and frustrated. Letting the media distract themselves by making a fuss about less important things, they are shutting their eyes before those in power, the older generation and the immigrants who are starting to become a threat in the job market. Since the birth of the nation, we have had to disregard undemocratic decisions and practices for development’s sake. It’s now time we broke down this long-held political obstacle. It is now the only thing that’s hindering any growth at all.

Woo Hyo-eun, a student at Seoul Global High School
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