Entertainment insiders see stocks rise on Korean Wave

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Entertainment insiders see stocks rise on Korean Wave


Despite the dip in the local stock market, shareholders of entertainment agencies that have churned out such K-pop bands as Super Junior and 2NE1 are seeing the value of their shares skyrocket - all thanks to the Korean Wave.

The richest of them all is Lee Soo-man, founder and chairman of SM Entertainment, which has produced groups like Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, TVXQ, f(X) and SHINee. As of yesterday, the singer-turned-entrepreneur’s 24.43 percent stake in SM was valued at a whopping 186.86 billion won ($158.38 million). The stock climbed 1.3 percent yesterday to a record high of 41,500 won, even though the Kosdaq closed down 1.28 percent. Earlier in 2009, the stock was valued at only 1,500 won per share, almost 0.03 percent of the current price.

Having contributed to spreading the Korean Wave not only throughout Asia, its previous focus, but also to the United States and Europe in recent months, SM saw its stocks shoot up 2.5 times this year and now has a market capitalization of 688 billion won.

“The recent success in Paris of concerts by all the bands with SM in June indicates that SM may have a good shot at expanding outside of Asia,” said Kim Chang-won, an analyst with Daewoo Investment & Securities.

BoA, a minority shareholder in SM who has 1.25 percent stake in the company amounting to 4.62 billion won as of yesterday, ranks sixth in terms of stock value among Korean entertainers. The 25-year-old singer, who once was active in the United States, is part of the early generation of singers that SM produced in early 2000. Kangta, a member of H.O.T., the most popular boy band in the mid-1990s, is eighth on the list, with 1.29 billion won.

Korea’s second stock-rich entertainer is Yang Hyun-suk, founder and CEO of YG Entertainment, which has produced Big Bang and 2NE1. As a top shareholder in the company with a 47.7 percent stake, Yang owned 88.91 billion won in shares as of yesterday. The stock value is based on the over-the-counter market price. Having passed a preliminary evaluation for listing in June, YG, the nation’s second-largest entertainment firm, is planning an initial public offering in the Kosdaq market on Oct. 13.

YG’s over-the-counter price has risen steadily in recent months. Should the momentum continue, market observers predict that Yang will soon join Lee in the 100-billion-won club.

The nation’s third stock-rich entertainer is actor Bae Jong-joon, widely referred to as Yon-sama, the nickname he was given by Japanese fans in the early 2000s following the success of his 2002 series “Winter Sonata.”

The actor, who runs a few restaurants in both Korea and Japan and has invested in a few TV dramas including KBS’s “Dream High,” owns a 34.6 percent stake in his agency, KeyEast. As of yesterday, his stake in the agency was valued at 14.28 billion won.

Bae is followed by Park Jin-young, CEO of JYP Entertainment, which has the Wonder Girls and Miss A. The dancer-singer-businessman’s 6.14 percent stake in the company he founded tallied at 7.5 billion won yesterday, with a market capitalization of 119.5 billion won, almost one-sixth of SM.

By Seo Ji-eun [spring@joongang.co.kr]

한글 관련 기사 [연합뉴스]

K-팝 열풍 타고 이수만 주식가치 1천600억대

가수 강타ㆍ개그맨 오승훈도 주식부자 대열에

케이팝(K-POP) 열기를 타고 연예기획사들의 주가가 급등함에 따라 연예인 주식가치가 사상 최고액을 경신하고 있다.

21일 재벌닷컴이 전일 종가 기준으로 유명 연예인의 주식 지분 가치를 평가한 결과, 이수만 SM엔터테인먼트 회장은 개인통산 최고액인 1천657억원을 보유해 연예인 주식부자 신기록을 세웠다.

이 회장이 24.43%의 지분을 가진 SM엔터테인먼트 주가는 전일 사상 최고가인 4만1천원에 마감했다. 인기 걸그룹인 '소녀시대'와 '슈퍼주니어' 등 아이돌 그룹이 소속 연예인으로 있는 SM은 유럽ㆍ중국ㆍ일본 등지에서 '신한류'를 주도했다. 그 덕에 주가도 올 초보다 2.5배 가량으로 올랐다.

아이돌 스타 그룹인 '빅뱅'과 '2NE1'이 소속된 YG엔터테인먼트 양현석 대표이사의 지분가치는 838억8천만원으로 2위였다.

비상장사인 YG엔터테인먼트는 상장 심사를 통과해 내달 중순 일반 공모를 앞두고 있다. 이 회사 주식은 장외시장에서 꾸준히 몸값을 올려 사상 최고치에 근접한 4만7천원에 거래를 마쳤다.

상장 후 YG엔터테인터트의 주가 상승세가 이어진다면 이 회사 지분 47.73%를 보유한 양 대표이사는 이수만 회장에 이어 1천억원대 주식부자가 될 전망이다.

코스닥 상장사인 키이스트[054780]의 대주주이자 한류스타 배용준 씨는 121억3천만원으로 3위를 차지했고, 걸그룹 '원더걸스' 소속사인 박진영 JYP엔터테인먼트 대표이사는 66억2천만원으로 4위에 올랐다.

SM엔터테엔먼트의 유상증자 참여로 10만주를 보유 중인 가수 보아(본명 권보아)가 41억원으로 5위였으며 개그맨 출신 사업가인 오승훈 엔터기술[068420] 대주주가 31억6천만원이었다.

이밖에 변두섭 예당[049000] 회장의 부인 양수경씨가 29억5천만원이었고 SM엔터테인먼트의 임원으로 재직 중인 강타(안칠현)씨가 11억5천만원으로 뒤를 이었다.

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