[Letters] The development of Korea’s green industry

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[Letters] The development of Korea’s green industry

Korea has seemingly appreciated alternative renewable energy as part of its development agenda. With its ambitions on course, the country has indicated that it could be among the world’s seven “greenest” nations in the near future.

Though development and application of clean energy may create jobs, the government and companies involved should not focus solely on the economic gains but rather on the sustainability of energy use and environmental preservation.

It would be worrying if developed nations, with their wealth and influence, start scampering for top spots in green industries instead of concentrating on alleviating poverty and energy scarcity in the least developed nations.

I think Korea, rather than aiming to have a greater market share in the green energy sector, should instead be laying practical strategies for reducing the emission of greenhouse gases by targeting households directly. This is because the effects of global warming, the gradual rise in the earth’s temperature caused by high levels of carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere, are having consequential effects around world.

Encouragingly, there has been a lot of talk and initiatives toward the development of green energy.

Some initiatives and innovations deserves genuine applaud. Nevertheless, we have to guard ourselves from the falsehood that success in this regard can stem purely from an economic viewpoint. Individuals must be stewards and not exploiters. That is why green energy must be about sustainability and world peace.

On a personal level, I hope everyone who wishes the world well can do something like planting more trees, recycling, riding bicycles instead of driving, using a fan instead of an air conditioner, using less electricity and so on. Are these much to ask?

Jang Jun-heock, a student in Busan and a member of Global Green Steward, a Busan-based environmental volunteer group
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