Top 10 New Year’s resolution vacations

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Top 10 New Year’s resolution vacations

Good intentions. They come around every year and are practically synonymous with champagne toasts on Dec. 31. Wavering already? Not to worry, online travel adviser Cheapflights ( has come up with a top 10 list of destinations to help keep those New Year’s resolutions on track. Reuters has not endorsed this list:

1. Resolution: Stress less

Destination: St. Lucia, Caribbean

Blissful white sand beaches, lush green palm trees that provide welcome shade, and a seemingly endless sea - the recipe for pure relaxation. Add to that the incredible lightness of being and the warmth of the Caribbean locals and you’re practically in heaven.

2. Resolution: Spend more time with family

Destination: Quebec City, Canada

Even on a well-planned family vacation, it’s not often you get to spend much time together. The kids jump around the pool all day while the parents sit on the beach and read. While relaxing for the parents and fun for the kids, it’s not very sociable.

3. Resolution: Exercise more

Destination: Dolomites, Italy

Italy is a place normally associated with pizza, pasta, gelato and wine - all fairly unhealthy indulgences.

Nevertheless, it is also the perfect destination for fitness, especially when it comes to the country’s majestic Dolomites, mountains in northeastern Italy which offer a picturesque backdrop for every season and a great excuse to get some fresh air.

4. Resolution: Allot more time for yourself

Destination: Maldives

Give in to absolute luxury and have a little time to yourself - and where better to do this than the Maldives? The luxurious One & Only Reethi Rah resort is like a journey for the soul. Individual villas, endless idyllic coves, and white sand and turquoise sea all offer uninterrupted privacy.

5. Resolution: Eat better

Destination: Tokyo, Japan

Fresh, unprocessed foods, optimal servings and enjoyable, sociable eating - this is known as the Japanese Kitchen and belongs to one of the healthiest culinary nations.

Tourism has not yet fully recovered in Japan, so now is the best time to visit the fascinating metropolis of Tokyo and experience its unparalleled pulse without the crowds.

6. Resolution: Lose weight

Destination: Razines, France or Devon, UK

Diets are impossible to endure when all around you are temptations and unhealthy treats. A weight loss retreat is the perfect solution to kick start a healthier lifestyle. Being among like-minded people and getting advice from professional medical staff as well as fitness trainers will help create long-lasting effects and life changing approaches to food and exercise.

7. Resolution: Save money

Destination: Bucharest, Romania

Budgets have been tight for a while now, but in an increasingly dire economy, next year we really don’t quite know what to expect financially. Romania is one of those well-kept secret destinations that’s still relatively cheap with plenty to do and see. Its capital, Bucharest, offers plenty of decent hotels, which are priced around 40 euros per night.

8. Resolution: Watch less TV

Destination: Cape Otway, Australia

On average, people spent almost one-fifth of the past year in front of the TV. This New Year, why not try to spend less time in front of the television and other gadgets such as computers, smartphones and iPads? Anyone wishing to leave the world of electronic gadgetry should head for Australia’s Great Ocean Ecolodge. Located in the middle of the huge Cape Otway Conservation Area, it’s surrounded by pure wilderness with company in the form of kangaroos, koalas and the beautiful nature of South Australia.

9. Resolution: Live a healthier life

Destination: Samson Mountains, Turkey

Drink less alcohol, eat healthier foods and rid the body of excesses to combat disease. Whether you’d like to maintain a certain level of health or do something about existing problems, the Natur-Med Hot Springs Resort in Turkey has just the ticket. There are anti-aging treatments for chronic diseases, fitness programs, pain treatments and much more.

10. Resolution: Stop smoking

Destination: Alicante, Spain

This good intention is particularly difficult, especially when the stress of everyday life starts again after Jan. 1, leaving you with a craving for a cigarette. You can stop smoking at the SHA Wellness Clinic in Alicante, Spain. Here you get to enjoy a super-luxurious wellness program with flotation tanks, massage, fitness classes, acupuncture, therapeutic sessions, nutritionists, psychological counseling and more.

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