[Sponsored Report] SKT dominates the telecompetition

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[Sponsored Report] SKT dominates the telecompetition


SKT employees install LTE repeater. By the end of January, SKT attracted one million customers, the shortest period among telecommunication companies. Provided by the company

SK Telecom was the first to commercialize LTE in July 2011, followed by LTE smartphone and calling plans in September of the same year. By the end of January 2012, it drew one million LTE customers, the shortest period among telecommunication companies. As of March 12, it had 1.45 million.

Taking into account this evidence of strong demand, SKT has twice upgraded its LTE speed. It is now working to expand the LTE frequency band three months ahead of schedule and expanding the nationwide network eight months earlier as well, with plans to open this April. SKT is using its 28 years of expertise in the 800Mhz frequency band to create a nationwide relay base that is five times faster than 3G and twice as fast as Wibro - an LTE service available in any in-building, even underground.

SKT is establishing this firm LTE communication coverage under the banner of “Living Value Innovation.”

Living Value Innovation

SKT’s Living Value Innovation program is an LTE differentiation strategy to provide a more abundant and plentiful mobile life with LTE in various fields of life such as education, home, leisure and office that is close to our daily lives.

In mid-October in 2011, SKT created a separate task force team to provide a differentiated 4G LTE service on top of the increasingly popular 4G LTE. By analyzing the trends and patterns of hundreds of thousands of LTE users, it has been preparing its “Living Value Innovation Program”.

As the first product of the Living Value Innovation Program, SKT has launched the “Mobile Life Pack,” its first service specialized to the age and usage of its users, on March 13.

The previous LTE minute plans were limited to the telecommunication services of phone, data and SMS, while the Mobile Life Pack is providing specialized services and contents into minute plans and packages so the customers can actually feel the realistic benefit of LTE in their daily life.

For teenagers under the age of 18, for example, there is the Ting Life Pack, in which teenagers can use LTE to use T Smart Learning English multimedia contents and other educational video clips for free, anytime and anywhere. Using the educational media contents of partnership companies, they can receive a 50 percent discount on the data fee.

In addition, SKT has lowered the monthly minimum fee for senior citizens (over age 65) and also provided an extra 150 minutes of free phone calls. The company has launched the Golden Age Life Pack, which offers free phone calls and voice-phishing insurance in addition to the LTE Golden Age 15/34 minute plan. Within this first half of this year, SKT will add more benefits to diversify their content, such as network games and movies so customers can enjoy high quality contents using LTE with the “Free T Life Pack.”

Tightly packed ‘PETA Solution’ with world’s first technology

SKT is planning to provide an unrivaled premium communication quality by using the “PETA” solution including the LTE network technology, which is being introduced in the world for the first time.

PETA is a concept referring to the world’s top total telecommunication management skill of SKT and means providing a differentiated top network service in the future 1 petabyte era: Premium Quality, Excellent Speed, Total Stability and Advanced Technology.

As the first step of the PETA solution, SKT has been applying SCAN (Smart Cloud Access Network) technology in the LTE network since July when it introduced LTE to the market. In speed and coverage, SKT is offering a high quality LTE service compared to other telecommunication companies.

Meanwhile, SKT customers using the flat-rate schedule for 4th generation LTE service can now use up to 86 percent more data for free. The customers using the minute plan that costs more than 62,000 won per month will be receiving 20,000 won worth of free content rebates every month.

SKT recently said, “With the nationwide LTE network in 84 cities due for completion next month, we have decided to increase the data that we provide. First of all, starting April 1, the LTE 100-minute-plan users, who pay 100,000 won per month, will be provided 18GB of free data, 80 percent more than the previous 10 GB. Regarding the 85-minute-plan users (85,000 won per month) the free data will increase from 7GB to 13GB and the 62-minute-plan (62,000 won) free data will increase from 3GB to 5GB.

The charge for excess data will be lowered starting from next month. The single packet (0.5kB) charge will be reduced to 0.01 won from 0.025 won, a 60 percent discount. And there is also a “data charge maximum range.” If the excess data fee is more than 18,000 won, there will be no additional charge. Instead, the data speed will be lowered and the users will be limited to using e-mail and Web-surfing. The data charge maximum range is for all LTE users.

Customers using LTE 62-minute plan or higher will be receiving 20,000 points (worth 20,000 won) every month. Using these points, the customers can use the VOD service for movies, drama and entertainment programs provided at T Freemium or purchase among the 80 contents with HD level display games, applications and comics.

By Lee Ji-hyun [concordia@joongang.co.kr]
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