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[Letters] North Korea, do what’s right

Military provocations by North Korea are causing more and more international condemnation because they aggravate international security and cause unnecessary tension between nations. Kurt M. Campbell, assistant secretary of state for east Asian and Pacific affairs, agreed that even though the long range missile launch was a failure, it was a provocative action that threatens world security.

North Korea is still politically unstable. Until now, it seems that Kim Jong-un is showing insufficient leadership compared to his father or grandfather, and he is showing off his military forces to keep his political status. But this is a totally wrong method as it backfires.

Another reason North Korea should stop these provocative acts is that they just cannot afford it. Although tens of thousands of their people are starving, their government is increasing its national defense spending each year. Regardless of the missile launch result, successful or failed, it was an excessive waste. Supporting and comforting their people is the obligation of the nation.

A third problem is that collateral damage can occur. In the case of a missile launch or nuclear test, it could be a negative influence on environment. After the last missile launch, the wreckage fell into the West Sea, and they were removed by South Korean Navy. Also, when tensions are caused around the North Limit Line (NLL), fishing will be prohibited and fishermen will suffer.

It is clear that North Korea should stop their provocative acts. These actions are not beneficial to North Korea or to the world. Rather, North Korea’s actions will make them increasingly isolated internationally. Thus, they should make practical changes. They should stop missile and nuclear tests and provocative actions. Instead they must build good relationships in the international community. Then the international community will lend them a hand.

Park Jin-sung, a university student majoring in English

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