Actor Kim Moo-yul was poor enough to dodge military service

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Actor Kim Moo-yul was poor enough to dodge military service

Actor Kim Moo-yul has landed himself in hot water as his past of dodging military service has surfaced.
On June 21, the Korean Board of Audit and Inspection released a report which stated that the 30-year old actor was exempted from military service back in 2001 due to being a “low-income individual.”

According to the report, in 2001 Kim was given “rating two” at the physical examination, which meant that he was fit to be conscripted.

However, from 2007 to 2009, Kim reported more than five times that he had been sitting for civil servant examinations, which excused him for the time being.

Then in 2010, Kim filed a report to the Military Manpower Association, saying that he had a minor illness. When the medical report failed to exempt him from mandatory military service, Kim again filed for exemption, stating that he was the sole provider for his family.
This time the exemption was granted as it was implied that without Kim, the family would be in ruins.

Meanwhile, Kim has starred in various dramas and musicals since 2007 and has pocketed more than 300 million won ($260,300).

Netizens were in a furor when the news broke, citing that it is unfair that so many celebrities are given exemption on groundless evidence.

Kim’s agency has since come out and countered that Kim was in truth supporting his family, as his father was diagnosed with cancer in 2008.

By Carla Sunwoo []

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